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Nonnavita display at Williams-Sonoma

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Introducing Nonnavita!  It’s super.  It’s natural.  It’s just darn good soap.

What does Nonnavita mean? It’s a word we put together, from two Latin words:  nonna, meaning nun, and vita, meaning life:  A Nun’s Life.  Our life.

And that’s what you’ll support when you order a bar or two, (or maybe even five) of this great soap.

Your $7 donation (just a suggestion) gets you one 4 oz bar of all natural soap made with certified organic ingredients.  It cleans.  It smells fantastic.  It moisturizes – even here in San Antonio, where the water is hard as nails.

You’ll be getting a really great soap, but most importantly you’ll be helping to support our mission and life of prayer.

Nonnavita is offered in a variety of scents, so you’re sure to find something for everyone.

Lavender – A classic scent known for its relaxing & soothing properties.

Unscented – Fragrance & color free, this is great for sensitive skin.

Montana Prairie – With fresh scents of sage, lemongrass & spearmint, men like this soap especially.

Gardener’s Hand Soap – Ground apricot kernels & coffee make this a great exfoliant for even the dirtiest hands.

Thyme Garden – With rosemary, thyme & other herbs, this scent reminds us of the monastery herb garden.

Blood Orange & Bergamot – The invigorating scent of citrus, combined with a hint of bergamot, this may make you crave a cup of Earl Grey tea.

Pink Grapefruit – A great favorite, this cleansing & refreshing citrus bar is perfect by the sink or in the shower.

Citrus Lavender – Tangerine, orange peel & lavender invigorates & relaxes at the same time. A combination that works.

If you feel so inclined, there are three ways you can order Nonnavita:

        • click the Nonnavita logo to use our secure order form
Click to order

Click now to order Nonnavita

      • click on our PayPal button and make sure to write your order request in the Special Instructions to the Seller box

      • send your order by mail to:

Monastery of St. Michael the Archangel
17503 La Cantera Pkwy
San Antonio, TX  78257

Give Nonnavita a try, we know you’ll love it as much as we do!

52 thoughts on “Nonnavita Soap

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  2. I recently bought six bars of soap for Christmas presents. They were shipped to me very quickly. The open box is now sitting on my kitchen table, and my kitchen smells lovely! Would it be a sin if I kept the soap for myself instead of giving them as gifts?? Guess I’ll have to buy more!

  3. Love the soap!!! Expect a large order for the Monastery Garden…. absolutely love the scent! I’m going to use as stocking stuffers this Christmas. Thank you Sisters! Please don’t ever stop making this soap. My skin feels Wonderful!

  4. Love the soap. Quality product. It is long lasting and you are right, it is perfect for our hard water in San Antonio. The Thyme Garden is one of my favorites. Really captures herb fragrance, fresh, healthy. I love to cook so for me it is a happy scent.

  5. So glad to see you will be at La Cantera 23 Nov. Perfect timing for Christmas shopping! Think of you often. So grateful to have you in San Antonio.

  6. Hi Sisters!
    I was so glad to meet y’all when I attended the Conference on New Evangelization last july 12 and 13, in Buda, Tx . and I even requested my hubby to take pics with you. It was a great experienced meeting you all as I always watched Mother Angelica and the nuns on EWTN during Rosary and Angelus. When I was still in my country, Philippines, I used to visit and attend mass at the chapel of the Poor Clares Monastery. I find solace and peace when I’m there.

    I would like to request to pray for the following intentions:

    -Complete Healing of Sinforiano A. Maico, Jr. (kidney ailment)
    -Healing on my neck and back and healing for Steve Bernard
    -Job for me, I’ve been applying jobs online and our plan to build a house
    -Studies of my nephew, Dexter Ian Rivera in the seminary. He’s 4th year Theology and
    God willing, to graduate in March next year.
    -Good health of my family and their intentions
    – +souls of my dear parents Sinforiano, Sr. and Consolacion Maico

    Hope I can visit you in the monastery. I will be praying for y’all. Thank you so much! GOD bless always!
    p.s. I will try the soap next time.

    Glenda M. Bernard

  7. I had the pleasure to meet with y’all at the fullness of truth event that happened at the Hyatt hill country where I am employed and I was happy to find about the organic soaps y’all make, which is simply magnificent, I am hoping to purchase more for me and my family :)

  8. I just had a quick question – are you looking for land in the San Antonio area to start a monastery? If so, will purchases go towards that goal?

  9. Glad to have met you all today at La Cantera. Please pray for my sister-in-law Rose. She is in need of a liver transplant.

    My daughter just called, loved your Mountain Mint soap. So I will be ordering additional bars near the Christmas Holy Seaon. Thank you, Felicitas

  10. I purchased the lavender and blood orange soaps last weekend at Williams Sonoma at La Cantera mall. The soap is great. I want to buy more. Will you be set up at another mall soon? Can you send me a schedule of your events? If I order by mail, is there a shipping charge?
    Thank you.

    • So glad you are enjoying your Nonnavita soap! So far, the Artisan Market at Williams-Sonoma has been our main ‘event’ and we don’t have a schedule of upcoming events. We can certainly let you know the next time we are going to be at the Artisan Market. Until then, if you would like more soap the best way is to order online. Thus far we have been able to offer our soap without charging for shipping. However, any extra donation to help with the cost of shipping is greatly appreciated. Orders of 2 bars can be sent First Class parcel for about $3.60, and for orders larger than 3 bars it’s more cost effective to send them priority, which on average costs $5.15. Hope this info helps.
      Thank you so much for your support of Nonnavita and our life!

  11. We love the Monastery scent. It has the added bonus of no more bug bites including mosquitos. Thank you sisters we share with everyone we know.

    • Great to know! Someone just asked if we have any soap that keeps mosquitoes away, so we will let them know you have had good success with Monastery Garden (aka Thyme Garden).

  12. I enjoy hearing your show. Do you have a place to retreat? Do any of you do spiritual direction. Many thanks and blessings to you from our dear God, Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit June Hines

    • We don’t have a place for people to make retreats right now. That is one of the reasons why we look forward to the day when we can build a monastery, then everyone can come share in our life of adoration, and have a beautiful place to spend quiet time with Our Lord.

    • We ship using USPS Priority/Flat Rate, so it costs about 5.00 to 11.00 depending on the box size and the shipping destination. 4 bars should cost about 5.15 to ship in a Small Flat Rate Box. Thank you for asking, we really appreciate any extra donation to help with shipping costs!

    • Roberto,
      Click on ‘Donate’; go to PayPal. Enter the amount (they suggest $7 per bar). You will see be a place to write your instructions to the seller. There you can indicate which scent you would like. I received mine in just a few days. I ordered three. I’m enjoying the lavender first. It was difficult to choose; they are all wonderful!!! Hope this helps.

  13. Just ordered 2 of those. Thank you Sisters for the great product that’s produced for a great reason. I have been an addict for Dove soap for long time, but I changed my mind.


  15. My mother-in-law is coming into the Church this Easter Vigil. What a great gift for her!
    Also, they make a great bridal shower gift, hostess gift and thank you gifts.. I can’t wait to get them!

    • Praise God – that’s wonderful! As three of us will tell you, coming into the Church was the best thing that ever happened to us. We will be praying for her.

  16. I received my grapefruit bar of soap and I love it. Thank you so much. Will be ordering more soon. I also want you all to know that I am a convert and you were all a part of my finding my catholic faith when you were still in Alabama. Scanning for something to watch on tv, I saw the beautiful nuns and decided to watch for a minute, you were all praying the rosary which I had never heard, I had found EWTN. After that it was pretty much a done deal, so thank you all for the soap, your prays, and my Jesus and his church. I love you all

    • As long as you trust the Nuns, write down what you want and send them a check. Don’t forget to put your name and address and add in S/H.

    • Yes, can’t wait to order,too! I found your community via Fr. Christopher’s wonderful blog. And as St. Paul says, “…I am sure of this very thing,, that
      He who has began a good work in you will continue…and bring it to full
      completion in you.” Keep taking those firm but important small steps!.

  17. Hi Sisters, just ordered some soap, it sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to get it. I’m am also happy to have found you again, I knew some of you went somewhere in TX, so nice to see your faces again . Love to all and Have a blessed Christmas.

  18. I like the Montana Prairie. I call it my one in three uses soap. Wash, Hair, Shave. Has a good lather and works great with my shaving brush. Works great as a shampoo as well. After we picked up our soap, we went shopping and when we came back to the car, it smelt fantastic with all the combined fragrances of the soap.. Wow. I think we will try using them instead of scentsy. We returned the box the shipment came in so you could reuse it. Liz loves the Lavender. She said it really feels good. We plan to take them with us when we visit family and friends. Hand them out.

  19. Sisters: We love the pink grapefruit soap…. it lathers perfectly for shaving and smells great too. Can’t wait to try the others.!! Thanks

  20. Oops! It seems I pushed post comment before I finished editing. I meant to say:
    You give us pure soap to wash away the filth on the outside of our bodies, and you teach us with your inspirations and life of prayer, how to clean our inner souls; S.O.A.P. (Source of All Purity)

  21. Thank you, dear Sisters. Your blogsite came my way via Father Mitch on Facebook mentioning your Nonnavita soaps. I have been up and down struggling with Trust and Hope since Nov 6th Thanks be to God for your inspired words of Love. I will giving your soaps this Christmas along with your message. Great idea! You give us pure soap to wash away the filth on the outside, and knowledge of pure S.O.A.P. (Source of All Purity)-Jesus. Love and continued prayers…

  22. These look wonderful. I love handmade soaps, and organic is even better! I’ve also shared this on FB …. got to support “our” nuns here!

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