Fun Friday

Each day we have the blessing of seeing the students who attend the Atonement Academy.  Today, we had the added blessing of being able to meet with some of them when we visited with Mrs. Fitzgerald’s 7th grade religion class.  We were a bit nervous, since this is not something we often do, but this energetic group of girls quickly put us at ease with their warm welcome and their eagerness to hear about Jesus.  We talked about our life as Eucharistic Adorers, scripture, and prayer.  The girls had so many great questions that we ran out of time before we could answer all of them.  We were especially inspired by their devotion to the Blessed Sacrament – which probably has something to do with the beautiful school Mass they attend each day.  The sacraments are so powerful – how beautiful to see them at work in the lives of these young ladies.



1 thought on “Fun Friday

  1. Love the picture with todays posting. Talking about something one feels passionate about always inspires, especially when that something is someone named Jesus! He is the strength that we can feed upon to aide us in our journey towards Him. As St. Bernard once said, “His Holy Name is Honey to our lips and a song within our heart!”
    John K.

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