Hold Him Fast

Today’s second reading, from the Office of Readings for the feast of St. Lucy, is from the book On Virginity by St. Ambrose.  Although he is speaking to virgins here, it is a good reminder for everyone of how much Our Lord loves each soul He created (as if you were the only one in the world) and longs to enter into communion with us. As we prepare for both Our Lord’s final coming and His first coming during this Advent season, we thought it would be an appropriate meditation.

Here is an excerpt

This is the person Christ has loved in loving you, the person he has chosen in choosing you. He enters by the open door; he has promised to come in, and he cannot deceive. Embrace him, the one you have sought; turn to him, and be enlightened; hold him fast, ask him not to go in haste, beg him not to leave you. The Word of God moves swiftly; he is not won by the lukewarm, nor held fast by the negligent. Let your soul be attentive to his word; follow carefully the path God tells you to take, for he is swift in his passing.


What does his bride say? I sought him, and did not find him; I called him, and he did not hear me. Do not imagine that you are displeasing to him although you have called him, asked him, opened the door to him, and that this is the reason why he has gone so quickly; no, for he allows us to be constantly tested. When the crowds pressed him to stay, what does he say in the Gospel? I must preach the word of God to other cities, because for that I have been sent. But even if it seems to you that he has left you, go out and seek him once more.

St. Lucy, virgin and martyr, pray for us!

2 thoughts on “Hold Him Fast

    • Praise God! These two paragraphs really jumped off the page this morning during divine office. The culture constantly sends us conflicting messages: we are unlovable unless we fit into an impossible mold, but supposedly at the same time “it’s all about me”. The Truth brings much more peace: we are lovable because we were created in love by God, Who loves us more than we can ever fathom, and Who desires a relationship with us.

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