Dali’s Holy Family

Recently Sr. Grace Marie recorded some voiceovers at the Guadalupe Radio Network studio.

What’s that she’s holding in her hand, you ask? These are her voiceover buddies, who always accompany her whenever she does any recordings.

The story behind this Dali-esque statue is that many, many years ago they were young and upright, living on the dashboard of the nuns’ station wagon in Irondale.  Eventually the sweltering southern sun took it’s toll and they began to melt.

Sr. Grace Marie rescued them from the whole cruel fate of broken and worn out religious items, exile in the Now-What-Am-I-Supposed-To-Do-With-This-Stuff Box, and they’ve been her voiceover buddies ever since.  They fit perfectly in her hand, keep quiet in the studio, and never complain about endless re-takes.

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