The Devil’s Sneeze

Cedar Fever

When the numbers are so high you can’t tell whether it’s the Powerball Jackpot or the pollen count, you know it’s cedar time in Texas.  Even as the rest of the country is getting a respite from allergies, we are deep in the misery that is cedar pollen.  And yes, if you’re wondering why we’ve been so quiet these last few weeks, it’s because of allergies. 

By the way, that tree in the photo is not smoking, it’s releasing pollen.  Or as I like to call it, the Devil’s Sneeze.

Up close each once of those millions of pollen grains look like this, with lots of little barbs to latch onto everything in their path – mostly you, your clothes, your hair, they’ll take whatever they can get to make you miserable.


Magnified even more, each one of those microscopic barbs looks like this:

Which is why we all feel so wretched when cedar season hits.  Not just runny noses and itchy, watery eyes, (not to mention the ensuing sinus infections) but exhausted and achy, too, like getting repeatedly run over by a Mack truck.  Driven by Jaws.

So if you’re enjoying an allergy free winter somewhere nice (by nice, I mean anywhere that doesn’t have cedar pollen, which means even the inside of a volcano counts as nice), please take pity on us Texans and offer a prayer for our shark ravaged sinuses.

5 thoughts on “The Devil’s Sneeze

  1. I take it the Texas Visitors Bureau won’t be using this as an endorsement in their brochures! Even in the midst of your misery, you’re still able to make others laugh…my sides are aching! God Bless You All, and I’ll never again complain about below-freezing temperatures! Doreen

  2. I love your posting! I posted on my fb the other day, saying, “if I make it to Heaven, I am going to ask Our Dear Lord, ‘why did you make this wretched little monster tree?’ Praying you all will beging to feel better soon, I unite my sufferings with yours to Jesus that He may use them for His greater glory! I have been sick for 2 weeks! God Bless and Love and Prayers, John K.
    Ps. I justed posted on my blog, at

  3. You guys are a riot!!!! I do know what you mean! I’ll send you the axe so you can all have a wack at the tree! Love all of you. See you in July love polly & John

  4. JMJ You’re allergic to Texas. I’m born and raised here and have suffered for years as a youngster. At 62 I take one Allegra a day and Viconase or Fluticasone spray (blocker) just before the season starts. There is a Honey made from bees in this area that I have with my Tea. Its sold at a bakery across the street from Clark High School on DeZavala Rd. All this for the last 20 years and its working. When I get that feeling like its starting I'[ll take two Allegra a day. I also keep my sinuses moist with a spray, or wet my finger tips and apply water to my nose. The last time I visited to buy some soap I noticed the smell of Vicks coming from somewhere.
    A hundred years ago Texas A&M did a study, and found that we could keep the aquifer full if we cut down all the Cedar. Help the defend us against the Devil’s Sneeze as well.

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