Think outside the [chocolate] box!

Think outside the [chocolate] box!

Need another good reason to give the gift of Nonnavita this St. Valentine’s Day? If you’re giving up sweets for Lent, you won’t be tempted by any leftover chocolates.
Hurry and place your order to receive it by St. Valentine’s Day.

2 thoughts on “Think outside the [chocolate] box!

  1. I have purchased in the past and will be coming back for more. The pink grapefruit is light, delicate and very feminine. The gardener’s choice has a wonderful fresh, outdoor, springtime-in-the-garden scent and the unscented is truly that, no odd cover-up fragrance, pure, clean and mild. These soaps are superior to any “high end” naturals I have ever purchased before. Thank you, Sisters, for a beautiful product! May God continue to bless you in all you do! Doreen

  2. Your post was perfect timing. Not that I am giving up sweets, but we tend to be a bit grungy lately. hehehehe

    I ordered soap directly from the warehouse here in Nevada. Post marking a check to you today.

    1 Gardner (think this may work fabulous for the woodworker I am married too)
    2 Bloodorange
    1 Pinkgrapefruit (for the sweet girl in the house)
    1 Citrus (may the acid burn the sailor out of me)

    God Bless ~ Suzi

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