Soap sale tomorrow

Hey, y’all! Tomorrow (Sunday) we will be selling our soap at Our Lady of the Atonement – look for the Nonnavita table when you come to Mass.  See you tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Soap sale tomorrow

  1. Sister(s)…question-after being in the cloister (when you were with Mother Angelica’s community) do you find yourselves being more at ease (for lack of a better word) or do you prefer(for lack of a better word) behind the walls?(so to speak) Thank you! Would love to try your soap product, but it’s being unable to smell it first to see if the scent agrees with me or not that keeps me from ordering. ;-( Blessings to you all!

  2. Dear Sisters, wishing you many happy sales tomorrow! However, please set 8 bars aside for me. My order should arrive by carrier pigeon, Monday or Tuesday. Can’t get enough of that Nonnavita soap! And to everyone out there, buy it, try it, you’ll LOVE it! Blessings, Doreen

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