Some thoughts on the Pope’s announcement

Early this morning Fr. Phillips came to celebrate Mass in our house chapel, bringing us the shocking news that Our Holy Father has announced his resignation. One can feel the gamut of emotions that comes with an unexpected piece of news like this. And yet, as Father Phillips reminds us in his homily, we can continue to place our trust in God, Who will never fail to love, guide and protect His Church.

We unite our prayers with yours, asking God to bless, strengthen and comfort our beloved Holy Father, and to prepare the man Our Lord has chosen to succeed him.

Click the link below to listen to Fr. Phillips’ brief homily from this morning.

Fr. Phillips – Homily 2-11-13

2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on the Pope’s announcement

  1. This is indeed a shock, but it is an example of the love and humility of Our Holy Father. He is well aware of his limitations and is responding in a way that is in the best interest of the Church. We continue to pray with him and for him. Doreen

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