What more can He give?

Our Christian faith is truly an incredible, amazing, astounding, thing!

Of all the religions in all the world, which among them can claim the truths we as Christians profess?

The following quote brings home that most wonderful of truths:  truly, we have a God who loves each of us in such a personal way!

I will serve you, because I came ‘to serve and not to be served.’
I am a friend, and a brother and sister, and a mother;
I am everything, and all I want is an intimate friendship with you.
I have become poor for you,
a beggar for you,
been crucified for you,
buried in a sepulchre for you.
In Heaven I intercede before God the Father for you;
and on earth I am His ambassador to you.
You are everything to me, brother, co-heir, friend.
What more do you want?

St John Chrysostom

Sometimes when we are going through many trials and difficulties, we forget how close the Lord really is to us. How much He cares for us, how much He has done for us.

Jesus is Love in action! He has proven His love.

Can we prove our love for Him?

2 thoughts on “What more can He give?

  1. In addition to the beautiful suggestion above, I think we need to try to see Jesus in others. We sometimes forget that a smile or a kind word can change a person’s heart, even help it to heal. A cool drink offered to a workman on a warm day, a sincere thank you to the tired bagger at the supermarket, the opportunities are endless. We tend to live such separate lives, forgetting we are on this journey together. By sharing His love for us with others, we are hopefully able to tell Him, “Thank You”. with Love, Doreen

  2. JMJ Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Jesus is substantially present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in two places; at the right hand of Our Father in Heaven, and in the Eucharist. One hour. Thanks Sr. Gracemarie+ Viva Cristo Rey

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