Nuns on the radio?

Yes, nuns on the radio!

Yesterday we spent some time at the Guadalupe Radio Network studios prepping for our new weekly live show, A Good Habit. It debuts this coming Wednesday, May 1st, at 1pm. We hope you’ll not only tune in, but call in (check the widget on the sidebar, or go to our show page for email and phone info), as we’ll be devoting part of each show to your questions about our life. We hope our show will be something like this photo, infused with the joy and laughter we try to bring to each person we meet.

This coming Monday we’ll also be dropping in on Richard Reyna’s noon show, Rise and Walk, (click here to listen to the podcast in itunes) to chat a little about A Good Habit.

12 thoughts on “Nuns on the radio?

  1. Awesome show! I came to the website to subscribe to a newsletter or anything! I love your voices! Keep it up! God bless you!

  2. Hi Sisters! Great first show! Loved the opening music, a real attention-grabber! Really enjoyed the segment on St.Joseph…I’ve been sending the men in my family off to work, and play, with a prayer to him for years – he never disappoints! I’ll be ordering more Nonnavita soon, great gift for Mother’s Day, or any day!

  3. May God Fill you always with HIS HOLY SPIRIT,What great news,great name, go feed the flock!! all our LOVE and PRAYERS!!! Ken & Bev

  4. Ditto for what Linda said! Except my lunch half hour ends even earlier, around noon. Maybe some Wednesdays I’ll not be answering the phone and can listen to you. I caught some of today’s show, and was laughing hysterically! So very glad you’re here in Texas and so thrilled you’ll soon be on the air. Mother must be so proud!!!!

  5. Great news. Mother would love the new adventure of her ” yellow roses of Texas” We are praying for you. May God continue to bless all that you say and do. love ya John and Polly

  6. I’m so very happy for you, Sisters! What a wonderful gift you’ll be giving to your audience. Since I’m many, many miles away, do you think I’ll be able to access the show via the Internet? This is such exciting news, and I really don’t want to miss out! God Bless!

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  8. Wow! I’m looking forward to your show! Hope that it is the start of a great new path of evangelization dissolving apathy and stimulating women to explore the possibility of Gods call to religious life! I will always be tuned into your radio program learning from you all. Let us know how we can support you.

  9. I’m excited for your new broadcast! Unfortunatly it starts as my lunch hour ends. My daughters and I met you at La Cantera when we purchased several bars of your soap. Which is Amazing,by the way!! You all left such an impact on us with your sense of humor and kindness that now you hold a joyfull place in our hearts. God Bless your broadcast. I’m sure you will touch many souls. Love to all:)

    • Check out the radio show page on this blog for info and links to listen to A Good Habit any time. Thanks for your encouragement – and so glad you like Nonnavita!

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