The Getaway Car

As you can imagine, the reaction people have seeing a nun in full habit runs the gamut from gratitude to surprise to disbelief.  Once, a person vehemently declared we must be fake because one sister had her sleeves rolled up too high. (It was pretty hot outside).  People often think we are in costumes, especially around Halloween.  But, really, have you ever seen a costume this good?

The other day was a new one though – someone thought we were criminals! We stopped by a local bank branch, which happens to be on the outside of a mall, and rather than parking in the very crowded lot, we just drove around while one sister took care of the bank business.  After she was done we picked her up and started to drive off, but as we drove through the parking lot we realized we were being followed by the mall security guard.  This went on for a few minutes, until he turned on his lights and pulled us over.  We thought maybe he was trying to tell us our cords were hanging out of the car door, as sometimes happens.  But when he walked up to our window to “see if we were okay” he said someone had called to report “scary looking people” at the bank.  Apparently the movie The Town was enough to make people suspicious of habited nuns lingering around banks.  Having seen the posters for that movie we must say our veils look much more convincing than Ben Affleck’s.

9 thoughts on “The Getaway Car

  1. Great post! Since all religious wore full habit when I was growing up, I didn’t realize many younger folks don’t have that memory. Love the photo!!!

  2. I will post a comment here… But I not even sure you sisters even read people’s comments. I live in SEATTLE Washington. You know.. Home of Archbishop Peter Sartain who was appointed to lead the overhaul the LCRW nuns group. It is kind of ironic that we have no religious habited nuns walking around in Seattle!!! (as well as the burbs.Other than a SOLT convent of which for as much as I live close to and also work in the heart of Seattle have never seen these sisters out and about as well) So… You would get the same reaction here as well! Sad as that truly is!!!

  3. Good evening, Sisters!
    Enjoyed the story but I have to admit to being a bit saddened by the high suspicion of a woman in habit.

    I have been looking at each page of your website to find out the best place to ask my question & decided on here.

    On your Support Our Mission page it says you accept books. What kind/type of books would you like? Perhaps a short blog post on this?

    Enjoying my Nonnavita soap!

  4. Ah, so much for the quiet, contemplative life! This is hilarious, and for some reason after reading some of your previous posts, not surprising! “Tune in next time for the thrilling adventures of the Texas Nuns.” By the way, love the photo!

  5. JMJ Reading your post reminded me of what happened a couple of months ago. We no longer need our hot tub because Liz’ legs stop bothering her after chemotherapy. So we decided to donate it. I called Sr. Elia at Cordi Marian to see if they could use in their assisted living apostalate. She came over to check it out. She drove through the subdivision looking for our house. Someone saw her and called the Police. “A suspicious character dressed like a Nun was driving around our subdivision.” She arrived at our house and we showed her the hot tub. We went back out front to her car as she was going back the Nursing Home. We were greeted by two Sheriffs in separate cars. The female Sheriff (Catholic) told us what happened and we were all laughing. To think we would be in any danger from an elderly Nun was funny. The Sheriff completed her report in our presence and we said our goodbyes. Back in the 40s and 50s this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened. But today when you absolutely don’t see any Nuns around and haven’t for fifty years, well I would like to say its a very, very welcome sight. Please be like St. Francis and get out among the people, and with out saying a word, preach the Gospel. We love you. You bring us hope. Viva Cristo Rey

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