Odds and ends from our show

Just a few little things relating to last week’s show.

Sr. Mary Peter mentioned the late Francis Xavier Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan, whose cause for canonization is going forward.  He endured a white martyrdom with great strength and faith, and through it converted many.  As promised, here are the books Sr. Mary Peter was referring to on the show: The Road of Hope: A Gospel from Prison, Testimony of Hope: The Spiritual Exercises of JP II, Five Loaves and Two Fish,  Prayers of Hope: Words of Courage; and last but not least, a book about the Cardinal by one of his seminarians: The Miracle of Hope.

Here is a short video with the lastest news on his cause.

The last two days we were very blessed to soak up the wisdom of three remarkable scripture scholars at the Fullness of Truth conference in Buda.  Drs. Scott Hahn, Michael Barber and John Bergsma spoke on the New Evangelization – what it means and how we can live it.  We learned so much, but more on that later.  For now, we wanted to share a thought from Dr. Barber on the Rosary, since some of our callers on Wednesday shared the difficulties they experience when trying to pray the Rosary.  The Rosary is a scriptural prayer that helps us meditate on the life of Jesus.  The more familiar we are with scripture, the more fruitful our meditations will be, the more the Gospel accounts will come alive.  He recommended a little blue book called The Scriptural Rosary, which gives you a scripture verse for each Hail Mary.  It’s a great way to stay focused on each Mystery as you are praying.

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