A saint talks about vocations

Recently, we each received a copy of The Meaning of Vocation, a collection of Bl. Pope John Paul II’s thoughts on vocations, the call to holiness, and responding to God’s grace.

Today we are going to be part of a vocation panel at a local parish, so it seemed appropriate to share this quote from a homily of JPII’s, given this day in 1979.

How many young people do not possess the truth, and drift along without a “reason why”; how many, unfortunately, after empty and exhausting searches, disappointed and embittered, have given and still give themselves up to despair!  And how many have succeeded in reaching the truth only after years of tormented questioning and painful experiences!

Just think, for example, of St. Augustine’s dramatic path to arrive at the light of truth and at the peace of regained innocence!  What a sigh he heaved when at last he arrived at the light!  And he exclaimed with nostalgia: “Sero Te amavi!” [Late have I loved thee.]

Just think of the effort the famous Cardinal Newman had to make to arrive with the force of logic at Catholicism!  What a long and painful spiritual agony!  It is really a great thing to know that one possesses truth.

He has chosen you, in a mysterious but real way, to make you saviors with him and like him.  Yes, Christ calls you, but he calls you in truth.  His call is demanding, because he invites you to let yourselves be “captured” by him completely, so that your whole lives will be seen in a different light.  Let yourselves be seized by Jesus and try to live just for him!

 – Pope John Paul II, homily at Mass for the students of the Pontifical Major Seminary of Rome, October 13, 1979

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