Let the saints choose you


Have you picked your saint yet?  It’s our tradition to draw a saint’s name from a basket every All Saints Day.  We always end up learning about at least one new saint we never knew about, and we have another friend in heaven to call upon for help.  If you haven’t picked out a saint today, or rather, if you haven’t let a saint pick you, click on the link to go to Jennifer Fulwiler’s Saint’s Name Generator.

And don’t forget to let us know which saint you get!

Sr. Grace Marie made up a basket of saints to pick from and here are some of the saints we got: St. Thomas, St. Frances Cabrini, St. Bruno, St. Therese, St. Padre Pio, and St. Clare of Montefalco.

14 thoughts on “Let the saints choose you

  1. I received Saint Clare of Montefalco. Her story is amazing and I am glad to have been chosen to learn about it. Saint Clare had a vision of Jesus dressed as a poor traveler, she wanted to help relieve him of fatigue by offering help with the cross, as he had been looking for a strong place to plant the cross. Jesus felt that he could trust Saint Clare, and decided to implant the cross within her heart. Saint Clare experienced pain in suffering for the remainder of her life from receiving the cross in her heart, but still served her fellow nuns as their abbess with joy. After Saint Clare’s death, her heart was removed from her body and it was reported that a crucifix and scourge were found within her heart.

  2. Dear Sisters, I chose my Saint, and the name that came up was Allred. It was so unusual….as this Saint is over kidney stones, and I have ten kidney stones!!! It was special and I was delighted. But I lost the information, and cannot redeem it. I miss all of you every day! With much love, Janette

  3. I received St. Pascal Baylon – He joined the Reformed Franciscan order as a lay brother, was a mystic and contemplative. Christian art depicts him wearing the Franciscan habit and bearing a monstrance, signifying his devotion to the Holy Eucharist…sounds familiar! Hubby chose St. Anthony of Padua, a real favorite of ours!

  4. St. Lucy. Of course, I couldn’t resist looking for another. I was given St. John Bosco. Sisters! Thank you. I put the Saints Generator in my favorites.

  5. Good Morning and God’s Blessings to you all…..My Saint that picked me is Anne of Saint Bartholomew…….

    Thank U and have a Blessed day

    Stephen Dale Nestelton Station, Ontario, Canada

  6. I received St. Anthony of Padua! It was totally an answer to prayer! I love him and he had been helping me to persevere in my vocation to the religious life. Today, I was having a rough day, and I have not been praying to St. Anthony lately. I think he wanted to remind me that he is still here with me!

  7. After you get your saint, come to Novena.com. Over the years we have posted picture, prayers and stories of many hundreds of saints, from the most well known to the most obscure. Love this site!

  8. I got Saint Wolfgang of Ratisbon whose feast day was yesterday (Oct 31) Noted for his preaching, his teaching abilities, his charity (hence the name Great Almoner) and his care for lay people in his diocese. Tutor to the future emperor Saint Henry II.

  9. Well don’t you know now the Lord gave to me from the green isle, St Patrick!! This old German will be bothering him constantly P.S I don’t lke snakes!

  10. Hmmm…I got St. Aelred of Rievaulx. While waiting for my Saint to be generated I said a prayer to help me find saint to guide me over the next year to be a better wife and mother and to deepen my relationship with God. I expected some wonderful motherly saint and when this one popped up I almost selected “choose another saint”. ;). Just call me doubting Amy. I read about him and he has written a few books on spirituality so maybe a God knew what He was doing after all. Hilariously, he is the one Saint the Episcopcal and Anglican churches have adopted as the Patron Saint of homosexuals since he was suspected to be a homosexual? He preached a lot on virginity of the unmarried and chastity among the married and widowed.

    • St. Aelred is a great saint. He also wrote about spiritual friendship. In the Office of Readings, a reading taken from that treatise is paired with an Old Testament reading about the friendship of David and Jonathan (who have also been used in an attempt to legitimize homosexual behavior), so maybe that’s part of how they came up with the idea to make him patron of homosexuals. Too bad they don’t want to focus on his promotion of chastity…

    • That’s funny, we’ve been talking about her lately. For some reason, even though they are completely different, I always get her mixed up with St. Margaret of Cortona – two Italians named Margaret.

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