A blast from the past


When we walked into the studio this past Wednesday for our show, we were quite surprised to see an old friend standing there!  Fr. Wade Menezes, from the Fathers of Mercy, had been a guest on Greg and Julie Alexander’s show that day, and happened to still be there when we arrived for A Good Habit.  Sr. Grace Marie wrangled him into being a guest on our show and we all had so much fun.  If you didn’t catch the show on Wednesday, you can listen to it here.

Fr. Wade was our first chaplain at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament when we moved to Hanceville, and believe us when we tell you he’s a great preacher and teacher.  We couldn’t write fast enough, trying to take notes on everything he was saying during the show.  Father spoke about the seven capital sins, their corresponding virtues, and most interesting of all, their opposite extremes – this is something that you don’t often hear about.  He had a really helpful handout which he kindly allowed us to share with you.  You can find the handout below in pdf form:

The Seven Capital Sins & their Corresponding Virtues & Extremes

Thank you, Father Wade, for braving the air waves with us. We, and our listeners, had such a great time and learned so much.

1 thought on “A blast from the past

  1. I was blessed to have heard you and Fr Meneses. I even went to the website. I will tune in everyday God willing! Thank you Jesus for you and your show. It brings such joy!

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