All stocked up & nowhere to go

Sr. Grace Marie has been working hard today on her famous gift baskets – we were planning to debut them at the Williams-Sonoma Artisan Market tomorrow, but we just learned that it is cancelled!  If you, like us, were planning to be there tomorrow, we apologize.  If you feel sorry for us and would like to cheer us up, click here.

Here’s a preview of the baskets you won’t be seeing tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “All stocked up & nowhere to go

  1. So……………..why was it cancelled? Was the complete market closed or just you folks? After Church, set up in front of the parish and sell away.

  2. Hello Sister Grace Marie: I’m sorry that I’m not closer! I’d surely buy your soaps. Do you only sell them in Texas? How many are in the basket? I will be listening on Wednesday and hopefully get a chance to call in. Blessings Zerline

    • Hi, Zerline! You still hold the title of our first and only NYC caller on A Good Habit. You don’t have to live in Texas to enjoy Nonnavita – we ship all over the country. Click here for more info. Maybe we’ll get to hear from you on Wednesday.

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