Frost and snow, bless the Lord

At Morning Prayer today, we recited a Canticle from the Book of Daniel.  It’s a song in praise of God’s creation.  The breviary splits it into two parts, so that we read a part each Sunday during the 4 week cycle of the Liturgy of the Hours.

This is a different translation than the one we use, but these are the lines that jumped off the page at me today:

And you, showers and dew, O bless the Lord.
And you, frosts and cold, O bless the Lord.
And you, frost and snow, O bless the Lord.
To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

All creation, even the weather, praises God!  I came across these beautiful pictures today and it reminded me that even though weather can be terrifying and disruptive, like the winter storm that has been moving across the country lately, it also reflects something of the beauty of God.

On this Third Sunday of Advent, which we call Rejoice Sunday, we can rejoice that the attributes of God, which reveal themselves even in the elements He created – the power of a winter storm; the delicate beauty of ice, both strong and fragile; the purity and silence of a snowfall; the utter wonder of seeing the world from underneath a glacier, illuminated by a ceiling of ice – will soon be made known to us in a much more intimate way, when He reveals Himself through His Infant Son.

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