Enrich your life with lectio divina

Have you ever been at Mass, or perhaps listening to the homily, only to realize you have no idea what the Gospel, or any of the readings, were even about?  It’s easy for our minds to wander without even realizing it.  One thing that may help you stay focused is lectio divina, a prayerful reading of scripture.  It’s an important part of our life, but many lay people devote time daily or weekly to lectio divina as well.

Making lectio a part of your daily life can seem daunting, so a good place to start might be the Sunday Mass readings.  We were happy to discover that each week Zenit publishes a lectio article focused on the Gospel reading from Sunday.  Not only can it help your prayer life, it will also enrich your experience at Mass as well, opening up the scriptures in a whole new way.  Click here for a prayerful reading of this Sunday’s Gospel from Zenit.  They usually post the articles on Friday, so bookmark it and you’ll have plenty of time to come back each week and read it before Mass on Sunday.

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