The Mirror

According to Matthew 5:8, the “immaculate heart” is a heart which, with God’s grace, has come to perfect interior unity and therefore “sees God”. To be “devoted” to the Immaculate Heart of Mary means therefore to embrace this attitude of heart, which makes the fiat—“your will be done”—the defining centre of one’s whole life. It might be objected that we should not place a human being between ourselves and Christ. But then we remember that Paul did not hesitate to say to his communities: “imitate me” (1 Cor 4:16; Phil 3:17; 1 Th 1:6; 2 Th 3:7, 9). In the Apostle they could see concretely what it meant to follow Christ. But from whom might we better learn in every age than from the Mother of the Lord?  

-From Cardinal Ratzinger’s Theological Commentary on the Third Secret of Fatima

Today let us honor the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady, the only heart in which Our Lord ever found a perfect return of His Love. Her Heart is like a mirror of purest, clearest glass, which most perfectly reflects, without any distortion, the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Hers is the heart of a Mother – but not just any mother, God chose her to be the Mother of His Son and our Mother, too.  She never tires of consoling our wounded hearts.  Today, we can love and console Her Heart, as well.

If you’d like to listen to a beautiful homily about Our Lady, though it’s not specifically about today’s feast, click here.

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