Show Notes – A Good Habit 7/9/14

A Good Habit Show Notes
Hello, everyone, and happy feast day!  As we discussed on Wednesday’s show we were celebrating the feast of Our Lady of the Atonement.  By happy coincidence, or divine appointment, we are also celebrating the feast today, because at the parish here in San Antonio which bears her name the feast day is always transferred from July 9 to the nearest Sunday.

This unique devotion began with two Episcopalians, Fr. Paul Wattson and Lurana White, who were called by God to found the Society of the Atonement, a religious order in the Franciscan tradition.  The unusual thing about this story is they began this work in the Episcopal Church with the hope of achieving corporate reunion with Rome.  When they realized that would be impossible, they came to the understanding that they would have to work for this unity from within the Catholic Church.  At-one-ment was their mission, the reconciliation of God with men, and men with each other.  Their burning desire, to see the Anglican communion reunited under the Vicar of Christ, while still preserving their liturgical heritage, would be realized long after their deaths, with the publication of Benedict XVI’s Anglicanorum Coetibus, but no doubt their prayers and personal holiness played a part in that historic decision.

Here is a short (about 12 minutes) video from the Friars of the Atonement about their holy founders, Fr. Paul and Mother Lurana.

The book Sr. Grace Marie mentioned, Saint Bernadette Soubirous, by Abbe Francois Trochu, can be ordered here from EWTN’s Religious Catalogue.

We really enjoyed Wednesday’s show because of all our great listeners.  How do we know you’re so great?  Because our callers were so great, and they’re just a small sampling of the wonderful, supportive folks who tune-in every week.  We were inspired by all three of our callers:  Maria, with her childlike trust and resignation to God’s Will; Linda for her desire to grow in her relationship with Our Lady; and Robin with the prayer which helped her to quit smoking: “God, the only thing bigger than my addiction is You.”  We love that!

Thank you, everyone – we thank God for you, and pray for you daily.


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