Authentic Human Nature

2bf0d2b71647108bbe114c62009c426eAs previously mentioned, we are undertaking a 10 month Ignatian “retreat” this year using Fr. William Watson’s book Forty Weeks.  He talks about how St. Ignatius’ “sinful vices and self-indulgent pleasures blinded him to his authentic human nature and a fruitful life guided by a well-formed conscience.”  Authenticity is key; discovering our authentic selves in the light of God’s enduring love for us.  If God, our Creator, is absent, we cannot being to understand who we truly are.

Because of original sin, and our own sinfulness, none of us escapes this struggle to make meaning of our lives and our selves.  “Who am I? Why was I created?”  These questions burn in every heart, whether one is fully aware of it or not.  And satan loves to step into this searching void and fill it with his lies, distorting elements of the truth to lead us further away from God.

Recently, the Mother of the Americas Institute sponsored a presentation by Dr. Mark Regnerus from the University of Texas at Austin.  The topic was “Men and Women in Today’s Marriage Market,” and though it may not sound like a topic nuns are interested in, it really touches on the idea of authenticity and what we are created for, who we are created to be.  He showed a very moving short video, part of the Humanum series, which beautifully presents enduring truths on the meaning of masculinity and femininity.  The truth, even a truth one may find hard to hear, is always the answer to the pain caused by distortion and lies.

Here is the video we watched, which is part 3 of a 6 part series.  All of the videos can be viewed at

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