Parce, Domine

temptation of christ

Praying your Lent is off to a good start.  As usually happens, we have already gotten the message (on the first day of Lent, no less) that our plans for the next 47 days belong to God, and He has already made some changes.  We will keep following His lead, right out into the desert, with the whole Church.

Here is one of our favorite chants from Ash Wednesday at the monastery, the text is based on Joel 2:17.

Parce, Domine,
Parce populo tuo:
Ne in aeternum
irascaris nobis.1. Flectamus iram vindicem,
Ploremus ante Judicem;
Clamemus ore supplici,
Dicamus omnes cernui:
Refrain2. Nostris malis offendimus
Tuam Deus clementiam
Effunde nobis desuper
Remissor indulgentiam.

3. Dans tempus acceptabile,
Da lacrimarum rivulis
Lavare cordis victimam,
Quam laeta adurat caritas.

4. Audi, benigne Conditor,
Nostras preces cum fletibus
In hoc sacro jejunio,
Fusas quadragenario.

Spare, O Lord,
Spare Your people,
Do not be angry with us forever.
1. Let us turn back the angry avenger,
Let us lament before the Judge;
Let us cry aloud as suppliants,
Falling prostrate, let us all say:
Refrain2. By our evils we have offended
Your clemency, O God.
Pour out upon us from above
Your indulgence, unto remission.

3. Giving us an acceptable time,
Grant that by rivers of tears,
The victim, our heart, may be cleansed
That our joy may enkindle our charity.

4. Hear, O good Seasoner,
Our prayers through weeping,
In this most sacred fast,
Made firm by these forty days.

You are listening to Parce Domine chanted by the seminarians of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, from the album In Saecula Saeculorum:  Selections of Perennial Chant. This track, as well as the whole album, is available from Amazon and iTunes.

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