St. Joseph the Faithful


Today we celebrate the feast day of the good and great Saint Joseph.

In a society that has such need of true father figures, Saint Joseph stands before us, strong, silent, unassuming, humble. He is a gentle protector of the most vulnerable and powerless, a man of honor, true to his word, faithful to the Word made flesh, his foster Son Jesus.

There are many films out about super heroes who come to the rescue, but Saint Joseph is the real thing! Powerful in his humility and faithfulness, he truly watches and waits to assist and help us by his intercession. Saint Teresa of Avila could not have said it better:

 “Would that I could persuade all men to be devoted to this [St. Joseph], for I know by long experience what blessings he can obtain for us from God.  I have never known anyone who was truly devoted to him and honored him by particular services who did not advance greatly in virtue: for he helps in a special way those souls who commend themselves to him. It is now very many years since I began asking him for something on his feast, and I have always received it. If the petition was in any way amiss, he rectified it for my greater good . . . I ask for the love of God that he who does not believe me will make the trial for himself-then he will find out by experience the great good that results from commending oneself to this glorious Patriarch and in being devoted to him . . .” Autobiography, VI, 11-12

Let us turn this day to Saint Joseph and ask his prayers for us. For if God himself chose him to protect and keep the two persons nearest to His heart, then surely we can entrust our petitions and needs to this great saint!

Prayer of Confidence in Saint Joseph 

With childlike confidence I present myself before thee, O holy Joseph, faithful foster-father of Jesus! I beg thy compassionate intercession and support in this, my present necessity: [name your petition]

I firmly believe that thou art most powerful near the throne of God, Who chose thee for the foster-father of His well-beloved Son, Jesus Christ. O blessed Saint, who saved that Treasure of Heaven, with His virginal Mother, from the fury of His enemies, who with untiring industry supplied His earthly wants and with paternal care accompanied and protected Him in all the journeys of His childhood, take me also, for the love of Jesus, as thy child.

Assist me in my present difficulty, with thy prayers before God, One word from thee will move Him by thy powerful intercession.

Good St. Joseph, I pray thee by the burning love thou hadst for Jesus and Mary upon earth, console me in my distress and present my petition, through Jesus and Mary, before the Throne of God!

Prayer of Saint Joseph 

Blessed Joseph, husband of Mary, be with us this day. You protected and cherished the Virgin; loving the Child Jesus as your son, you rescued Him from danger of death. Defend the Church, the household of God, purchased by the blood of Christ.

O Saint Joseph, foster-father of our Lord Jesus Christ and true spouse of Mary the Virgin, pray for us.

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