Show Notes – A Good Habit 4/8/15


On this week’s episode of  A Good Habit we were joined by Dr. David Delaney, doctor of systematic theology and founder and director of the Mother of the Americas Institute.  Since it was the anniversary of St. John Paul II’s funeral, and since this Sunday the Church celebrates Divine Mercy Sunday, it was the perfect time to discuss JPII and the importance of the Divine Mercy message, to which he had such deep devotion.

The topic of Divine Mercy is a popular one, and we got lots of emails during the show asking about the Divine Mercy grace and the plenary indulgence the Church has attached to this feast day.  Please read this article for an explanation of the difference between the indulgence and the promise, and how you can obtain them both on this very special feast. More info about the plenary indulgence for Divine Mercy Sunday can be found at the Vatican website here.

During the show Dr. Delaney referred to Dives in Misericordiae (or Rich In Mercy), JP II’s 1980 encyclical letter on the mercy of God.  Reading this document, especially the beautiful meditation on the Prodigal Son our guest mentioned, would be a beautiful way to prepare for the feast of Divine Mercy.  This is one topic that we should be eager to learn more about because it helps us understand Who God is, and who we are in relation to Him.  As Dr. Delaney reminded us, John Paul II was fond of saying “Mercy is Love’s second name.”

Pope Francis has declared an extraordinary jubilee year of Mercy to begin this December 8th, the feast of the Immaculate Conception.  This Sunday the Holy Father will publish the decree on the Year of Mercy, which will give us more details about this special jubilee.  Keep your eyes on or to read the decree once it’s released.

If the Divine Mercy message and devotion is new to you please visit the Divine Mercy section on the website of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception for great resources, articles and books.  God has given the world a very special gift through His revelations to St. Faustina, a message of love and mercy that every heart needs to hear.  Learn it, live it, spread it, celebrate it.  Find out what special Divine Mercy events are happening in your diocese this weekend.

His mercy endures forever!  Have a blessed Divine Mercy Sunday!

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