Happy 92nd Birthday, Mother Angelica!


Picture courtesy of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word

Say a prayer for our beloved Mother Angelica – she is 92 today! And what beautiful things she has done for God in those 92 years.  May she receive a return of the consolation and joy that she has provided for so many through her life of prayer, and her unshakeable trust in God’s Divine Providence.  We love you Reverend Mother!

3 thoughts on “Happy 92nd Birthday, Mother Angelica!

  1. Thanking God for Mother Angelica! Her life has contributed to mine through the evangelization of EWTN, and through the dear Sisters who write this blog, make fine products, and pray for me and the world.

    May God the Father reward her richly. Confidently, I know He will.

  2. My Dear Mother, I get scared to think were I would be today if not for your love, guidance, prayers and friendship. .Thankyou for all the sufferings you have accepted from the Lord, for His children. May you have a wonderful Birthday. I am sure the angels are singing. Forever in my heart, forever in my prayers! John and Polly

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