Sixteen Years Ago…

Happy feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.  Sixteen years ago today I was beginning my religious life.  I didn’t have any idea what to expect, except that it would be difficult.  And I wasn’t wrong, but the joys and blessings are beyond what I could have imagined.  Here are a couple pictures from the day. They are fuzzy because they’re photos of photos, makes them look even older.  My pastor, Father Christopher Phillips came to concelebrate Mass that day and see me off.  That’s him with my mom and I.  Bishop Dermott Molloy was also there and after I received my postulant veil he gave me a blessing and said “Be faithful unto death.”  I pray to God that I will be.  He has since gone to his reward, but he was faithful unto death, pouring out his life for the Quechua people of Peru.

7 thoughts on “Sixteen Years Ago…

  1. I loved Bishop Malloy. He was a walking saint. Sr. Elizabeth you are making me feel quite old!
    It seems like yesterday that I asked you what name you wanted! You received a beautiful one.
    God Bless you. Hope you are well. John and Polly

    • We hope you are well 😃. Time sure flies, I can’t believe it was that many years ago. Don’t feel old – Mother Teresa always said she felt like she was 16. Loving Jesus is the best way to stay young at heart.

  2. Sr. Elizabeth,

    Is Fr. Phillip’s the priest Fr. John Riccardo talks about returning to Peru knowing there was a bounty on his head

    God bless you,

    • I haven’t heard Fr Ricardo talk about that, but I’m guessing he was referring to Fr. Phillip Scott, who founded a religious community in Peru. Fr Christopher Phillips hasn’t had any bounties on his head, but he has certainly weathered a lot on his journey from Anglican clergyman to Roman Catholic Priest.

      • He was an old school bishop: very ascetical,very prayerful, with a shepherd’s heart.
        PS Sr Grace Marie says hello, it’s so nice to hear from an old friend.

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