A Faithful Son of the Church

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 6.11.23 PM75 years a priest! What a remarkable achievement. A week ago, on October 1, a dear old friend, Fr. Lambert Greenan, celebrated this incredible milestone. It’s not everyday that you meet a priest who’s been ordained for three-quarters of a century (he was born in 1917!). After reading his short account of his vocation story, it reminded me of my first meeting with this wise and wonderful priest.

In 1991, Sr. Catherine, Sr. Gabriel and myself were stationed in Rome as Mother Angelica worked to establish the EWTN shortwave radio station there. One day, we went to St. Mary Major looking for an English-speaking priest to hear our confessions. A priest walked up to us, resplendent in his white Dominican habit, whereupon Sr. Gabriel asked, “Father, do you speak English?” In a beautiful Irish accent he replied “You could say I do,” and smiled. This was our first meeting with Fr. Lambert, a lovely Irish Dominican. Providence would later bring him to Alabama, where he’s been chaplain to the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word for the last 18 years. Please read his vocation story here. It is beautiful testimony to the importance of family in the life of the Church. I especially loved to hear how his father set such a beautiful example of the importance of confession.

Join us in thanking God for Fr. Lambert’s vocation and perseverance. Thank you, Father, for being such a faithful son of the Church.

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