In One Communion Ever Knit

[Oops, sorry, this post is one day late, so happy belated All Saints’]Saints, Giovanni del Biondo, 1367

For all thy saints, O Lord,
who strove in thee to live,
who followed thee. obeyed, adored,
our grateful hymn receive,

For all thy saints, O Lord,
who strove in thee to die,
who counted thee their great reward,
accept our thankful cry.

Jesus, thy name we bless,
and humbly pray that we
may follow them in holiness
to live and die in thee.

Thine earthly members fit
to join thy saints above,
in one communion ever knit,
one fellowship of love.

All praise to Thee, O Lord,
the Father and the Son,
and Holy Spirit, bond of love,
while endless ages run.  Amen.

Happy All Saints’, everyone!  We just love this feast day, celebrating all our heavenly friends, known and unknown, and asking their intercession.  As always, we draw a saint’s name on this day, a helper to turn to throughout the year, and to learn more about.  Technology makes this so easy, and we love Jennifer Fulweiler’s Saint’s Name Generator.  Please click the link and let a member of the Church triumphant choose you!

The saints who chose us this year range from well-known to unheard of (at least by us):

  • Sr. Grace Marie – Bl. Marie Rose Durocher
  • Sr. Elizabeth Marie – St. Dorothea of Montau
  • Sr. Mary Peter – St. John Vianney


In addition to the ordinary blessings of this wonderful feast day, we also had the extra-ordinary blessing of having Fr. Kevin Peek, of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, celebrate Mass in our chapel this morning.  Sr. Mary Peter met him many years ago in Atlanta, and when we saw him at Mass yesterday she couldn’t believe it.  Thank you, Father, for your reverent celebration of the Mass and your beautiful homily.

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