Exciting new project: Scapulars!

Hello, everyone!  We’ve been busy working on an exciting new project which we can’t wait  to tell you about: sterling silver scapulars!  Click here for more information.

8 thoughts on “Exciting new project: Scapulars!

    • Yes, ours do because they are made with actual brown wool scapulars in custom cast sterling silver frames. The requirement for scapulars is that the front and back pieces be made of wool, but there is no requirement for the string material, so the sterling silver ball chains we use are “kosher”, for lack of a better word.

  1. Dittos on the great-grace idea! I’ve been looking for your reply regarding the opportunity to have a sales table in our community market day….If not in December, let me know if you would be interested in a date in 2016.

  2. You will want to add a 20 inch and a 24 inch length to your inventory- men and larger women will need these sizes and will be willing to pay the extra (I need a 20 and will gladly pay for my favorite nuns to make me a scpular)

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Agnes. We did want to let everyone know, though, that the chain lengths are a full 18″ and 16″ long, since it takes 2 chains to make a scapular. With regular necklaces, because the chain is clasped, a 16″ chain will only hang down to about the collar bone, and an 18″ chain to just below the collar bone. Our scapulars hang down much longer, just like a regular wool scapular. Hope that explanation makes sense!

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