More bribes…from the Nuns

Spring cleaning time…that means we have to dust the cobwebs off this blog, which has been awfully quiet of late.  But we, the Franciscans who move at the speed of Carthusians (s-l-o-w), have been at work on a new Facebook page, so head on over and check it out.  And, just like on our radio show, we thought we’d give you some extra incentive to like and share Texas Nuns on Facebook by giving away several gift baskets of Nonnavita Soap.  Click the pic to find out how to win!FB Like Share win.

2 thoughts on “More bribes…from the Nuns

  1. Hello, again! Indeed. For some cyber reason unknown to me, this is the first new post I’ve seen on my computer since the announcement of the scapulars! Whatever Divine repair occurred to see your Lenten posts, I am grateful!

    • Well, we’ve been too quiet over here, but the reason you didn’t see any posts since the scapular announcement is because we made that post “sticky”, so it was always stuck to the top of the page, even though new posts were there below it. You would have had to scroll down further to see them. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s very obvious that it’s a sticky post, it just looks like we’re not posting – which was only partly true :p

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