Light & Shadow

The symbolic interplay of light and shadows comes to life in the events of Holy Week.  Today, Spy Wednesday, we watch as Judas trades his Master for a pittance, and now looks for an opportunity to betray Jesus.  Darkness begins to swallow the Light of the World.  We must closely accompany Our Lord through these days of sorrow and glory as He teaches us, by word and deed, the true meaning of life, and love and sacrifice.

Tenebrae, Latin for shadows, is a liturgical service of ancient origin, with beginnings in the fifth century.  Celebrated in the evening on Spy Wednesday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday, it anticipates the next day.  This rich and beautiful practice has been revived in many dioceses, and we are very blessed to make it a part of our yearly Holy Week devotions. Please consider enriching your Holy Week by attending Tenebrae at Our Lady of the Atonement, beginning this evening at 7pm.  Click here for more information and times.

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