Memories of Mother

Amidst all the beautiful messages of condolence and support we have received, for which we are so grateful, a couple friends also sent this video from Morley Safer’s interview with Mother and the Sisters on 60 Minutes.  We’ve scoured the internet for this video over the years, and are so happy to be able to see it for the first time (except for Sr. Grace Marie, of course, who actually lived it). 

We have heard the story of the famous interview many times – Sr. Gabriel’s infamous story about her “English lesson” from Mother, how kind and respectful Morley Safer and the crew were, and how mortified a certain postulant was when Mother told the tv audience to write in with their suggestions for her new religious name. 

Enjoy the video, and if you’ve felt the Holy Spirit tugging at your heart that you should come and say farewell to Mother in person JUST DO IT!  Here is the schedule of events over the next several days, and Mother’s body will be in the upper church for visitation today and Thursday, leading up to her funeral on Friday.   This is an incredible moment in history and we are all privileged to be able to take part in it.

8 thoughts on “Memories of Mother

  1. Oh how I longed to be there with you all … Oh how I loved her … How I love you … In the same way .. How I long for That Great Day. No more tears. Or pain. Or separation. Or good byes. Thanks, especially, for that victorious picture of Mother. Arms in the air. Jubilant. Grateful. Happy and free. Well done, Mother. Thank you, Jesus.

  2. Dear Sisters,Please remember us at mothers wake and funeral,we would have given anything to be able to be there,but it just was not in God’s plan,We have had many wonderful personal time with mother ,and all of them have come rushing back this week,we have spent many hours with a Saint and an example of how to attain Sainthood,and no one can take that away from us,I Praise God for all the wonderful BLESSINGS he has given us with Mother and all of you wonderful Sisters,we hope to see you soon in Texas ALL our Love and Prayers and Joy in Mothers RESURRECTION Day to Heaven to be with her SWEET JESUS!!!!! Ken& Bev Petty,your brother and sister in Christ from Dubuque Iowa

    kbpetty@aol.comGod Bless You !!!

  3. I’m Blessed for the years that I spent working for and with Mother Angelica. It was through the prayers of her and the Nuns and My mother that I returned to the Church. In the Words of Marie Esperonza Your mother has died and gone to heaven,now she Mother Angelica is your worldly Mother.I always thought of the Nuns as My sisters.With love Tom Swatek

  4. I am so moved by watching the events at EWTN this week. I was in tears as I watched the people at the shrine have their rosaries placed at her hands as she lay in repose today. She changed my life. My husband and I have been to the shrine twice and were once in her presence at Mass. When you sisters came to speak to the ladies’ prayer group at Our Lady of the Atonement last year, you recommended the book “Mother Angelica’s Little Book of Life Lessons.” Today I ordered it to send to my three children and am praying to Mother that she will pray for their conversions. Thank you for your witness to Christ!

  5. Our family first met Mother Angelica April 20, 1993, which we didn’t know was her 70th Birthday. We went to thank her for WEWN short-wave radio which filled in a big gap. It was a joy to present my two little ones, Thomas Francis Solanus and Elizabeth Mary. Mother said my son had some big shoes to fill! Mother was radiant, and looking at us with such love. She embraced and kissed me before I knew what was going on! LOL! That was a turning point in our lives, to help me persevere in the Faith. Many years later, when we had the Charlotte Nuns, I saw how many good changes had taken place in the Church, such as kneeling for Communion. Thanks Mother and all the PCPA’s, we LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE YOU. Always in my prayers. Hoping to visit Hanceville this summer.
    Also, going on Holy Pilgrimage to Rome this April, so I will take you, with LOVE in my HEART, through the Holy Doors.

  6. Oh Sisters I forgot to ask if all of you would be traveling to the funeral. I’m not expecting a reply soon because I’m sure you all are very busy, but if any of you go do you think you could send me something that was touched to her when I place my order for the soap?

  7. Dearest Sisters,
    I am sorry for the loss of Mother Angelica but my heart is full of peace knowing she is with our Lord. I’m thankful for her work. Through EWTN My family and I grew strong in our faith. When my children were babies they learned the rosary by praying with Mother in the mornings . I’d prop them up on the couch and they would sit listening to the rosary and then the rebroadcast of the previous night’s show. This was 23, 21 and 19 years ago. Thanks to Mother and EWTN we were introduced to Fr. Frank Pavone, Scott Hahn, the teachings of Bishop Sheen, Fr. Corapi, Fr Meneses, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, the Popes, the saints… I could go on and on. I am grateful for all she did to Evangelize and provide us with the truth of our Catholic Faith. Humbly yours, Alice M. Rosa

  8. Thru tearful eyes I write this as I watch the viewing to the public on the tv. Oh how I wish I could be there and have my rosary touched to her. Mother is a saint! Well someday I am sure she will be. I wrote to her in the 70’s when my 3 year old had cancer and he had to go till the age of 7 before the doctors said he was cancer free. I wrote to her when they found it and she wrote me back and said she would be praying for him. Then in the late 80’s we lost our home in a tornado and I wrote to her, gosh she sent me a boat load of little books! I’ve always included her and the other Sisters in my daily rosary and sometimes when I just felt overwhelmed about something I would pray to her and believe it or not everything would always work out.
    I just said to my husband about 2 weeks ago that we should take a trip to the Shrine.
    I miss her very much but I am sure that she is so happy in heaven.

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