Mother Angelica’s Final Journey

One month ago today Mother Mary Angelica was laid to rest in the crypt church of the beautiful monastery she built for God’s glory.  It’s still so very fresh in our minds that it’s hard to believe more than a month has passed since her death.  Here are a couple slide shows of pictures from our time in Alabama, beginning on Tuesday after her death, when her body was returned to the monastery.  Every procession and Rosary was done so beautifully and prayerfully, a reminder of the richness and grace the Church offers to the faithful even after their death.



3 thoughts on “Mother Angelica’s Final Journey

  1. Mother Angelica rest in peace in the arms of our Lord. Your work on earth is done having brought so many of our souls into the Church. You are a Saint and forever in our hearts and prayers.

  2. Beautiful pictures of mother! Thank you for sharing,as so many of us in TV land were unable to attend the funeral. The pics ‘speak a thousand words’. Mother always had such beautiful hands, it was nice to see the pic of them holding her rosary in the coffin.
    May she keep us all in her prayers- we love you mother!

  3. Today God has given us another saint. Goodbye for now dear Mother, you are always in our poor prayers and forever in our hearts. Please pray for us.

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