A Good Habit

We'll be manning the mics every Wednesday!

Join us live every Wednesday at 1pm CST for our brand new radio show, A Good Habit.

Each week you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with us via live call-ins or by email.

We look forward to answering your questions, especially those about our life as consecrated women.

Four ways to listen:

Tune into your local Guadalupe Radio Network station (click here for a list)

Listen live through the internet at the Guadalupe Radio Network website

Download the free GRN app (found at the GRN home page) and tune in via your smartphone.

Click here to listen to free podcasts of previous episodes in iTunes

How to connect:

Call in during the show at 1-888-880-8563

Or email your question any day of the week to: AGoodHabit (at) texasnuns (dot) com

19 thoughts on “A Good Habit

  1. Good morning sister!! I listen you as often as I can and I have also had the privilege of meeting you all in at the fishers of men in midland. I keep you all in my daily prayers I heard on occasion a prayer that sister Marie Grace says I would like to have that recording… Is there some way I can have that sent to me by text or e-mail?…Lol!! I guess I should have introduced my self in the begining of my text…Sorry my name is Carmel Lujan…Thank you Sister for you dedication of service to the lord. May God bless you abundantly everyday and hope to see you all again soon. Love your faithful listener! 😇

    • Dear Carmel, Oops, I’m sorry I didn’t see your message sooner! I don’t know if you are still in need of the prayer, but I would need to know which one it is. Sr. Grace Marie has done many voice overs for EWTN over the years, but if you tell us which one we might be able to find it. We do remember you from Midland, it was so nice to meet you, your friends and so many of our GRN “family”.

  2. Hi Sisters, I heard your show for the first time today, really enjoyed it. I am the parish priest at one of the six new stations – Blountstown Fl. I will now try to order some of that wonderful soap I heard you speaking about. thanks for your service to the Church. God Bless

    • Welcome to the Guadalupe Radio Network Family! We are so happy to hear from you, Father. Thank you for your “yes” to Our Lord and His Church. Please keep us in your prayers, and know that you are in ours.And we know you are going to love our great organic soap 😀

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  4. What ancient sources most informed the theological Catholic dogma of marriage? Question for Dr. Delaney.

    • Dear Nicki,
      Thanks for a great question! Sorry we didn’t get to it on the show, but we have passed it on to Dr. Delaney, who will be in touch with you through email.
      Thanks for listening to A Good Habit!

  5. Sisters – It always is refreshing to listen to you and thanks for praying for an end to some of my bad habits – Bless your great work and loved the story about the first cellphones going off in church…Sam, Fort Worth

    • Thank you so much for tuning in to A Good Habit, and for your encouraging words! Please keep us in your prayers, too, that we can always be God’s instruments.

  6. Sisters, you ladies were definitely a breath of fresh air that seemed to consume my car as I was out running errands today!! Hearing the joy in your voices even when talking about waking up with swollen eyes just warmed my soul. I quickly rushed home to look you up online and luckily had enough time to call back into the show to ask if you could repeat your contact info and web address. I emailed you and hope to hear from you soon!

    Also, another way listeners can hear your show is on the “Tune In” app that is available on most phones and is now available on the Playstation3, which luckily I can use to listen since it’s so difficult to find a traditional radio to purchase these days! Just look up the Guadalupe Radio Network or even browse and look under Local once you have downloaded the Free App!

    I think it’s so important to spread the word of God and radio shows like yours makes it so effortless!!! God Bless and I look forward to catching your Radio program more often! =D

  7. Dear Sisters, what a blessing to tune into your show for the first time! Your joy and laughter was infectious. I was spending the day with my husband, Frank, to celebrate his 60th Birthday so I called in to ask for a birthday blessing. You not only offered the blessing but also sang Happy Birthday – making this a memorable day. We mentioned we were on our way to Fredericksburg to buy wine at Grape Creek winery. We picked you up a bottle and will drop it off next week during your show. Many thanks and may God bless you and your many good works. Elizabeth Rodriguez

  8. Dear Sisters, I have tuned into your show a couple of times and the Love and JOY that come across the airwaves is palpable!! I love your bantering back and forth — it is worthwhile to listen just to hear the JOY you have!!! May God bless you immensely…………..Jody

  9. Sister Grace – listening to the buildup regarding Mother Angelica – does your pirate joke end with: “First day with the new hook”?

  10. Hi Sisters,

    I am so blessed that I “stumbled” across your first show. After about 5 minutes (more like 5 seconds), I was hooked. I mean, when you hear, “We are the Texas nuns” in a British accent…how can you not stop and listen? 🙂

    I’m normally working when your show is on, so I recently downloaded all the podcasts and now I’m all caught up. I’m hoping to catch more of your live shows. I’ve even programmed your call-in number into my cell phone so I’m ready to go! Can you tell I’m a big fan? To top all that off, I just ordered 4 bars of soap!

    The main reason I wanted to write is to remind you how much of a blessing you all are to this world. You are truly following God’s call. God bless y’all!


  11. Another show, another success, Sisters! My husband and I spent a very enjoyable lunchtime listening to you via the internet. I found your piece on G.K Chesterton very informative, I’m very anxious to begin reading some of his works. ” Five Minutes With Francis” is so enjoyable…can’t seem to get enough of this truly holy man. Loved all your chat about your vows and the name process. And the most important thing that is so refreshing to hear regardless of the topic, is your love for God. My husband said, and I fully agree, the whole tone of the show is positive and uplifting. Your enthusiasm is contagious…he went back to work feeling energized! We appreciate you and all you do so very much!

  12. Hi, Sisters, I have 30 min for lunch at work. It was a delightful time today spent with you! Thank you for taking the time to visit with all of us today. God bless!

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