About Quidnunc

In these present times, our country stands at a crossroads where she must choose whom, and what, she will follow. Strident voices, angrily supporting radical agendas, claim to represent the greater good, but, in truth, support policies very different from those of the Catholic Church.

As Catholics, the importance of our response to the storm that is now upon our Church and our country cannot be underestimated.  What we do now will determine the  very existence of life as we know it, our freedoms and rights.

In response to this very real threat, our community here in San Antonio wants to be a voice speaking from the heart of Holy Mother Church, in support of her truth and the beauty of her teachings.  We may not be the loudest, we may not be the most eloquent, but we want to add our voice to the chorus of Catholic bloggers who love and support the Church and her teachings.

It’s unfortunate that one should have to explain, as a nun, what one believes, but today we often find that to be the case.  In the past people felt safe in the knowledge that when a woman religious spoke, she was speaking with the mind of the Church. Sadly, today many of the loudest voices speak, not the mind of the Church, but their own mind, a mind of dissent.

We are here to encourage people to pray, and to vote with a well formed conscience,  never losing hope, comforted by the fact that the Church is timeless in her wisdom, and will always speak the truth in and out of season.

In the annals of the Church, who is no stranger to persecution, we find many examples of those who stood up for truth, faithful even unto death. We, in our times, can do no less.

Our response at this moment in time, our prayers, our personal holiness, our actions, have an effect on whether or not the Church will be free to exist in our country in the future, whether or not our God-given rights to worship freely and to live our lives in accordance with Catholic teaching will continue to be protected.

It is sometimes easy to lose perspective and  be overwhelmed at the enormity of the task ahead, but it need not be so.  The grace of the sacraments, the strengthening power of the Eucharist, the Magisterium of the Church, the prayers of the saints, the help of the holy angels – these are our spiritual weapons and aids given us by Christ himself.

As we entrust ourselves, and this great nation, to God’s merciful love, and Our Lady’s protection, let us remember St. Paul’s words to the Romans: “Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

17 thoughts on “About Quidnunc

  1. Hi Sister! I was at the Fullness of Truth Conference in San Antonio and wanted to buy the scapular medal. Can you please send me some information on how I can order it?
    I am really enjoying the soaps that I purchased from you! They smell so wonderful!
    Thank you and may God bless you abundantly!
    Lydia Romero
    Thank you for

    • We’re so happy that you’re enjoying our Nonnavita Soap – which is your favorite scent so far?
      Over at our website, texasnuns.com, we have a page dedicated to our one of a kind sterling silver scapulars. Watch the short video to find out why they’re so unique, and then just click the buttons to place your order online. You can find the scapular link on our homepage or just go here.

  2. Sisters, it was such a wonderful Blessing to meet you at the Fullness in Truth conference this past weekend (8/22-24). Thank you so very much for praying for me. I will continue to remember you in my prayers and always treasure our meeting. May God richly Bless you. Rhonda

  3. Will miss Father Pablo as well as Father Leo Clifford. What inspirations to all who followed them.
    I have learned much. Please pray for me and for the conversion of my family members. I can’t seem to get through to them and please give my love to my heavenly family.

  4. I was mourning the fact that I had to work today, on Sunday, the day of rest. Your post reminded me of the hope that I have for tomorrow. With prayer and our small sacrifices we can change our culture and reform it back to one that truely respects God and His commandments. Let us bring God into the marketplace of our homes, jobs, businesses, and entertainment by our examples of what we do and choose not to do. Bless you for encouraging me in my mission and “refueling my empty tank”!

    • We know for a fact you and your family are a great example of faithful Catholics bringing God into the marketplace. Y’all are always a great encouragement to us as we live out our vocations, and we smile every time we think of you.

  5. Thank you for posting the Quidnunc. You have lifted my soul. Persecution comes in many forms, both obvious and hidden. We must be ever watchful and courageous in living our faith and speaking out when the secular world pretends to protect everyone’s freedom of religion. My prayers are joined with yours for our country and protection of our right to practice our faith without interference.

  6. Thank you for all that you do sister’s. As for me and my hous, we are glad you are part of our parish family.

  7. one thing I do know God chose kings and rules and he bring them down too in due season we don’t understand Gods ways but he has a purpose and we must trust him in that purpose.

  8. sister’s I am so glad you have chosen San Antonio TX for home if I can be of any help in selling you soap please let me know my son goes to catholic school here, I am a stay at home mom who has a huger for God thank you and God bless you. PS . I notice the address we don’t live to far from each other when I use to live in Roswell NM I often would visit the Poor saint Clair’s.

  9. I am not a member of your church. I believe what I just read, The Quidnunc. Those sisters who wore the full habit always gave me great hope and respect in the world…even as a boy My Bride of 35 years was a Novist in your church before we were married. Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ will right all the wrong in the world. May our Father in Heaven continue to bless You in your Missions. Brother Drawbaugh

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