Nonnavita Website coming soon!


Nonnavita website launch coming soon!Exciting news!  Any minute now we will launch a brand new website dedicated to our Nonnavita Soap!

The laborious task of building our website was undertaken with love by our dear friend, Wendee. She began this project a novice, and she ends an expert site builder. We’ve always known Wendee was a crafty lady, but she also picked up a lot of other new skills during this project, from learning how to take beautiful photographs to web design. Thank you so much Wendee for all your love and hard work!

Just as soon as it’s launched we’ll be updating all our Nonnavita Soap links.

Think outside the [chocolate] box!


Think outside the [chocolate] box!

Need another good reason to give the gift of Nonnavita this St. Valentine’s Day? If you’re giving up sweets for Lent, you won’t be tempted by any leftover chocolates.
Hurry and place your order to receive it by St. Valentine’s Day.