Memories of Mother

Amidst all the beautiful messages of condolence and support we have received, for which we are so grateful, a couple friends also sent this video from Morley Safer’s interview with Mother and the Sisters on 60 Minutes.  We’ve scoured the internet for this video over the years, and are so happy to be able to see it for the first time (except for Sr. Grace Marie, of course, who actually lived it). 

We have heard the story of the famous interview many times – Sr. Gabriel’s infamous story about her “English lesson” from Mother, how kind and respectful Morley Safer and the crew were, and how mortified a certain postulant was when Mother told the tv audience to write in with their suggestions for her new religious name. 

Enjoy the video, and if you’ve felt the Holy Spirit tugging at your heart that you should come and say farewell to Mother in person JUST DO IT!  Here is the schedule of events over the next several days, and Mother’s body will be in the upper church for visitation today and Thursday, leading up to her funeral on Friday.   This is an incredible moment in history and we are all privileged to be able to take part in it.