90 years ago today

Young Rita, and her mother, Mae Francis

90 years ago today Rita Rizzo was born in Canton, Ohio.  What she has done with her life in those 90 years is nothing short of amazing.  Her life is a testament to the miracles God  works when we love and trust Him with our whole heart and soul.

Happy 90th Birthday, Reverend Mother! We love you and we thank God for your life!

Mother_Angelica_Credit_Eternal_Word_Television_Network_EWTN_US_Catholic_News_4_19_2013I was going to post a short video clip from Raymond Arroyo’s interview with two of our Hanceville sisters, but due to technical difficulties (it kept coming up in the preview as a clip from Star Trek Next Generation – very weird and I have no idea how that happened), I will just give you the link instead.  Click here for a short clip or go to EWTN’s YouTube channel for the full video.  Fr. Mitch’s live show was dedicated to Mother’s 90th birthday, you can watch it here.