Caution: Nuns at Work

We are often asked: What do nuns do all day?

Our answer: Just about everything.

Especially now that we are on foundation, we really never know what new thing we’ll find ourselves doing. For example, one of our proudest accomplishments:

Repair nun at workThat’s right, we replaced the seal and bearings on our front loading washer. The repair man said it would cost $800 – $1200 to repair our washing machine, which was just out of warranty (of course). Some kind soul, (Jarrod, you have our undying gratitude and prayers forever!) had posted a video online showing how to repair this very thing, and he sold the replacement part, too – for only $40! He said a couple of hours is all the time it takes to replace the seal and bearings, after which you will have a washer that runs like new. How difficult could it be? The video looked like a breeze. Any moron with opposable thumbs could manage it, right? Luckily, we just happened to know two such morons.

Well, two hours if you’re an expert repair man who can leap tall buildings in a single bound and lift large appliances as though they were mere toys. And you have an enormous empty garage to work in.

Five days, and many nun-worthy swear words later (the list is quite short, creativity is required)…we turned the final screw on the back panel, plugged it in, pushed start, and waited nervously to see if anything would actually happen.

It did!

Water went in. The drum spun around. Water drained out. Yes, it was really working! And all of this, minus the loud jet engine sound which indicated the blasted thing was broken to begin with.

Woohoo! We were on top of the world! We were professional repair nuns! Dancing around, cheering, spontaneous songs with such clever lyrics as Thank you, Jesus! We don’t need no stinkin’ repairmen! (Barry Manilow would turn green with envy at our lyrical genius.) We were amazing and the manufacturer should pay us $1200 just for being so awesome! Actually, that $1200 would have been fair compensation for the psychological damage we sustained during this home repair.

Repair nun at work

We hope you never need to undertake this journey to hell and back. We recommend top loading washers. Or perhaps, a different brand than the one we bought, which shall remain nameless. But if you ever do need to replace the seal and bearings on your front loader and don’t have $800 to spare this is what you’ll need:

  1. Your tools
  2. A large swear jar*
  3. A larger jar of something to calm your nerves*
  4. This great repair video

Items denoted with an asterisk (*) are optional but recommended.

Our prayers are with you – you’re going to need them!