Post-Partisan Depression?

A week ago yesterday we spent the day with the only person who can save our country, Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  We, like so many of you, had high hopes for the election.  But as we learned later that night, the American electorate has chosen a different road for our future.  Surprisingly, we don’t feel as depressed by this as one would expect – as we ourselves even expected.  This is not to discount the difficulties and sufferings we will all have to endure now, there is no doubt that all Americans are going to go through some very hard times in the future.  But we still have hope because, as dark as things may look, God is still in control, He loves us, and He has the power to turn this disaster into something great.  He specializes in that, actually.  If you don’t believe it, just look at a Crucifix.

Our hope lies in God, our trust is in God.  We weren’t looking for an earthly savior (and we certainly did not get one) but we must trust God.  No matter who had won the election we would still be facing an increasingly secular, anti-Christian culture.

Christopher Dawson said every age is an age of crisis for the Church.  How are we to face the crisis of this age? With hope, with faith, with charity.  It is not our calling to sit back, self-satisfied, in a time of peace and prosperity for the Church.  The culture of death opens its mouth wider and wider each day to swallow beauty, truth, dignity, and life.  Fighting the beast with Truth and Life isn’t just one option, it’s our only option.  Our lives and hearts must be firmly rooted in Jesus Christ and His Church.  This requires a daily, even hourly, re-orienting of ourselves toward Him.

Catholics should be good students of history.  Though persecution hasn’t been as savage in America as in other countries, we cannot expect to be exempt from that forever.  The important thing is to prepare ourselves to defend the Faith, even when it’s uncomfortable and unpopular, and to strengthen ourselves spiritually, being faithful in the small things so that, by God’s grace, when the big things come our way we will stand firmly with Christ and His Church.

No prayer is ever wasted, even when things don’t turn out in ways that seem best to us.  God’s ears are never closed to our petitions, and we won’t stop petitioning Him for our country and our religious freedom.  Now is the time to pray for an outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The culture of death can’t be voted away, we must conquer it one heart at a time, beginning with our own.

God is always good.  And not only is He always good, but He is always God, all the time, despite our temptation to operate as though He is on vacation or has more important matters to tend to.  He is the Lord of every situation we face.  On Sundays, solemnities and feast days, as part of the Liturgy of the Hours, we pray the Te Deum, a hymn of praise to God that reminds us of the reasons for our hope.  It closes with a responsory which boldly claims:  In you, Lord, is our hope:/and we shall never hope in vain.  Truly, because our hope lies in the Eternal One, we can hold fast to it always. 

Fun Friday

Each day we have the blessing of seeing the students who attend the Atonement Academy.  Today, we had the added blessing of being able to meet with some of them when we visited with Mrs. Fitzgerald’s 7th grade religion class.  We were a bit nervous, since this is not something we often do, but this energetic group of girls quickly put us at ease with their warm welcome and their eagerness to hear about Jesus.  We talked about our life as Eucharistic Adorers, scripture, and prayer.  The girls had so many great questions that we ran out of time before we could answer all of them.  We were especially inspired by their devotion to the Blessed Sacrament – which probably has something to do with the beautiful school Mass they attend each day.  The sacraments are so powerful – how beautiful to see them at work in the lives of these young ladies.



Hello from San Antonio!

Welcome to Quidnunc, our adventure in blogging!  We are thrilled to have this opportunity to connect with so many of you.

This endeavor is a fruit of our consecrated life, and we hope it will bear fruit for you, too.  By opening a window onto our life of prayer and adoration, we want to share with you not just our thoughts, but more importantly those things closest to our hearts:  Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, the beauty of the Catholic Faith, the wisdom of her teachings, and the joy we have found in living a life devoted to Christ.

We hope to become one of your “blog stops” and welcome your comments, questions, and thoughts.

God bless!