Show Notes – A Good Habit 7/23/14

A Good Habit Show NotesOur Lady and St. Michael were just two of the topics we talked about on Wednesday’s show.  As we closed out the show we promised to give you more information on a day of adoration and prayer for the persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria.  The plight of Christians in those countries is grave, and deserves its own post.  We have a lot of info for you, so we are posting that separately here.

The book we recommended to one of our listeners about Our Lady is by Scott Hahn, and it’s called Hail, Holy Queen.  We also found on YouTube a talk by Dr. Hahn about Continue reading


Just a few updates on some of the latest happenings from “home” – that is, from our old home in Irondale, Alabama…As mentioned on our show earlier last week, EWTN’s lawsuit against the Obama Administration’s HHS Mandate was rejected by a district court in Mobile, AL.  It will now be appealed to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta.  The ruling is especially disturbing because most of the lawsuits challenging the mandate have found support in the courts.  Please keep EWTN in your prayers, and all organizations who are battling the unjust HHS Mandate.  We will continue to place all of these court cases in the hands of God and say our favorite prayer:  Jesus, I surrender this to You, take care of everything!

Even while EWTN had some bad news last week, there are also some things to celebrate.  LastThursday Mike Warsaw announced that EWTN will be acquiring the Catholic News Agency and ACI Prensa Group (the largest Spanish-language Catholic news organization in the world).  This is exciting news, and you can read more about what it means here.

Last, but not least, last month Mike Warsaw was invited to give the undergraduate commencement address at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio.  If you haven’t already listened to it, here’s the video:

A day to rejoice

Hence, the august Mother of God, mysteriously united from all eternity with Jesus Christ in one and the same decree of predestination, immaculate in her conception, a virgin inviolate in her divine motherhood, the wholehearted companion of the divine Redeemer who won complete victory over sin and its consequences, gained at last the supreme crown of her privileges—to be preserved immune from the corruption of the tomb, and, like her Son, when death had been conquered, to be carried up body and soul to the exalted glory of heaven, there to sit in splendor at the right hand of her Son, the immortal King of the ages.

                                 -Pope Piux XII, Munificentissimus Deus

The feast of Our Lady’s Assumption is a day of joyful celebration for us – not only because of the importance of this feast, but because of three very important anniversaries which are also celebrated today, days which have had a great impact on us:  On this day in 1944, Rita Rizzo entered the monastery of the Franciscan Nuns of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Cleveland, Ohio.  Thirty-seven years later on this same day, with incredible faith in God’s providential care she launched the Eternal Word Television Network, the world’s first global Catholic tv network.  Two years after that, Christopher Phillips, an Episcopalian cleric, who despite much personal hardship and sacrifice had crossed the Tiber, was ordained a Roman Catholic priest, and established the first Anglican Use parish, Our Lady of the Atonement.

God has woven all of these threads together in the life and mission of our little community, and used each one of them to bring us to San Antonio.  With much gratitude for Mother Angelica and Father Phillips – for the ‘yes’ each of them wholeheartedly gave to God, their sacrifices and fearlessness – we give thanks to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother!

90 years ago today

Young Rita, and her mother, Mae Francis

90 years ago today Rita Rizzo was born in Canton, Ohio.  What she has done with her life in those 90 years is nothing short of amazing.  Her life is a testament to the miracles God  works when we love and trust Him with our whole heart and soul.

Happy 90th Birthday, Reverend Mother! We love you and we thank God for your life!

Mother_Angelica_Credit_Eternal_Word_Television_Network_EWTN_US_Catholic_News_4_19_2013I was going to post a short video clip from Raymond Arroyo’s interview with two of our Hanceville sisters, but due to technical difficulties (it kept coming up in the preview as a clip from Star Trek Next Generation – very weird and I have no idea how that happened), I will just give you the link instead.  Click here for a short clip or go to EWTN’s YouTube channel for the full video.  Fr. Mitch’s live show was dedicated to Mother’s 90th birthday, you can watch it here.

From St. Peter’s Square

Fr. Mark Mary ran into our “Roman correspondent”, Deacon Matthew Furgiuele, yesterday in St. Peter’s Square.  Here he shares some of his thoughts on the election of our new Holy Father.