‘Higher Time’ & the Here and Now

the-four-last-thingsThe four last things: death, judgment, heaven, and hell.  Not exactly popular topics of conversation, but during Advent the Church calls us to take a deep look at these four realities, and to look within our own souls.  Are we ready for death?  Are we prepared to be judged by God after death?  Where will our life choices leave us after our judgment?

In a recent homily we were reminded that on our tombstone will be two dates: our date of birth and our date of death, and between those dates will be a dash (-), indicating our life.  It’s just a short line, but it’s what matters the most, because what we do in that dash determines where we spend eternity.

As a community we are reading Sacred Story, by Fr. William Watson, SJ.  He calls it “an Ignatian examen for the third millenium.”  Hearing that little description of our life as a dash reminded me of something I read in Sacred Story, that we live a very compartmentalized life, easily forgetting that what we do in the here and now impacts where we will be in the after life: Continue reading