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Nonnavita Soap St. Valentine's Day Gift Bag.  Click to order.

It’s not too late to snag a lovely gift bag of Nonnavita Soap for your Valentine!

Our gift bags  are tied with a bow and ready to gift, with two bars of soap (Blood Orange & Bergamot and Texas Prairie) and a lovely cedar soap dish.  This slatted cedar soap dish is our favorite (we keep one by every sink), because it allows water to drain away, keeping your soap bar dry.

St. Valentine’s Day is this Friday, so order by Tuesday to make sure your gift will arrive in time.  Click here to order.

What’s on His Christmas list?


While the secular world is focused on shopping and bargain hunting (please note: this is perfectly okay if you’re buying our soap), the Church is focused on preparing for the coming of Christ.  Instead of getting caught up in the mad rush to the mall, if we can look at ourselves as a gift, we will be able to prepare very well for Christmas.

God desires our hearts, our souls, our whole selves – that’s more precious to Him than any other gift.  He wasn’t crucified for gold or frankincense, but for my soul and yours. My own response to His gift of salvation is often not as it should be.  I must return His gift and sacrifice with the gift of myself, my whole being.  Advent is a time for that, a time to re-calibrate our lives.  The Church sets aside a whole liturgical season to focus on re-orienting ourselves toward God.  It’s a time to re-focus our lives, re-cover the practice of our faith, and learn or re-learn what it means to live a Christ-centered life.

You wouldn’t want to give someone an obviously used and worn present.  If we use this time to clean up our souls with confession, polish them with the graces received in Holy Communion, wrap them up with prayer and sacrifice, we will be able to give the Infant Jesus the most beautiful gift in the world this Christmas: our soul, which He created out of His infinite love.

The fact is, you are on Our Lord’s Christmas list – this year and every year.  Despite our brokenness, our unworthiness, He still wants every bit of us.  There is no better gift to give Our Lord than the complete gift of yourself.

Nonnavita is here!

The time has come to unveil (no pun intended) our new line of organic soaps!

Introducing:  Nonnavita!

We’ve worked hard to bring you this wonderful, all natural soap made with certified organic ingredients.  It cleans, moisturizes, and smells absolutely fantastic.

With eight scents to choose from, you’re sure to find something to please everyone on your Christmas list – they make superb stocking stuffers!

And the best thing about Nonnavita?  Every order supports our mission and life of prayer.

Click here to discover all eight scents and place your order today!