Show Notes – A Good Habit 10/15/14

A Good Habit Show Notes

This past Wednesday on A Good Habit we were blessed to introduce y’all to a guest we have been looking forward to bringing on the show for a quite a while:  Dr. Fredericka Vyvlecka, PhD, LPC-S.  Dr. Fredericka is a counselor educator, counselor supervisor and therapist, and she was with us to talk about dating from a Catholic perspective.


We can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the show, and since we only scratched the surface of how to date with marriage in mind (or “dating for heaven”), we plan to have her back with us again to talk about it more.  Judging from the emails and feedback that we’ve

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Show Notes – A Good Habit 6/18/14

A Good Habit Show Notes

Proclaim the truth of marriage articulately and convincingly, and lovingly as well.

-Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco

Blessed Friday to everyone!

On Wednesday’s show we featured Dr. David Delaney, doctor of systematic theology and director of the Mother of the Americas Institute.  Dr. Delaney had been a guest with us last month, but we were glad to have him back again so soon because the topic, and the timing of it, were just too important to pass up: Marriage.  Yesterday was the National March for Marriage, and cities across the country, including our own San Antonio, were holding rallies in conjunction with those in Washington, DC and San Francisco, to show their support for traditional marriage.

The timing is perfect, too, because on Saturday begins the Fortnight for Freedom, two weeks of prayer and action focused on defending our religious liberty, which is under attack on many fronts, and is most definitely affected by the attack on traditional marriage.

Have you ever been asked to defend or explain your belief in traditional marriage by family members or friends?  If you haven’t been asked yet, you will one of these days, as the push for normalizing so-called same-sex marriages continues.  We urge you to attend the upcoming forum on marriage hosted by Dr. Delaney and Mike Dunnigan, from the St. Joseph Foundation.  It’s a great opportunity to hear the Church’s timeless teachings on marriage explained, as well as learning how to convey this to others who don’t understand, or don’t share, this belief.  If you’ve ever had trouble countering any of the arguments put forth by society in favor of so-called same-sex marriage, then this forum is for you!

Marriage Forum Flyer - Jun 2014