Monday, multiplied

Christ's Entry into Jerusalem by Hippolyte Flandrin c. 1842The holiest week of the entire year began yesterday with Palm Sunday.  We are drawing ever closer to the consummation of Lent, actually of the whole liturgical year: The Paschal Mystery of Our Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection.  (Click here for Pope Francis’ Palm Sunday homily.)  The Palm Sunday Mass here at Our Lady of the Atonement was solemn, beautiful,  and filled with incense and beautiful music.  It was an incredible way to begin  our Holy Week journey to Calvary.

So what happens between now and Holy Thursday? Monday and Tuesday of Holy Week never seem to get much attention.  All the action begins on Sunday, and then we often  don’t hear much again until the Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper.  What does Monday of Holy Week look like?  I’ll tell you, because this is where we leave the somber beauty of Holy Week behind and enter the nitty-gritty realities of daily life:  It looks like a typical Monday, MULTIPLIED.  What do we mean by that?


The crowning glory of it all, though, of which we, regrettably, do not have a photo, was when I picked our dog, Mia, up so she could pass over the puddles rather than through them, and in her excitement at going on a car ride (clearly this was before she heard anything about vets and rectal thermometers) she squirmed right out of my arms and fell.  Luckily for the dog, her fall was cushioned by an unexpected object.  Unfortunately for Sr. Grace Marie, she was the object.  She had bent down to pick up an envelope before opening the door and Mia fell right on her neck.  Yeah, her neck.  Right where she has those titanium plates. Ouch.

So, if that was Monday of Holy Week I can only imagine what Tuesday and Wednesday will be like.  Actually, I’d rather not think about it…