The end is nigh!


The end is nigh! That’s right, in just a few hours, the end of 2013 will be upon us, and a new year will begin.

Our community tradition has been to close the year by chanting two of the penitential psalms.  After Mass on December 31st we chant the Miserere (Psalm 50) and the De Profundis (Psalm 129), in reparation for the sins of the past year.  Then after Mass on January 1st, we chant the Te Deum, in thanksgiving to God for the blessings and hope of the new year.

It has also been our tradition to ring in the new year with an 11pm Mass for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.  There is no better way to close out the old year and welcome the new than by offering God the best we can give him, the highest prayer and most perfect form of worship.  For many of us, this was quite a change from the usual way to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  Most memorable of all are the times when the Consecration coincided with the midnight bell chime.  While so many were focused on watching the big ball in Times Square drop, God, who is outside of time, was coming to us silently and humbly under the form of Bread and Wine, even as the old year closed and the new one began.  Either Fr. Joseph was an expert with timing, or God arranged that blessing perfectly.  Whichever it was, we are grateful!

Below are some videos of Psalm 50 and Psalm 129, sung most beautifully by the choir of King’s College.