A blast from the past


When we walked into the studio this past Wednesday for our show, we were quite surprised to see an old friend standing there!  Fr. Wade Menezes, from the Fathers of Mercy, had been a guest on Greg and Julie Alexander’s show that day, and happened to still be there when we arrived for A Good Habit.  Sr. Grace Marie wrangled him into being a guest on our show and we all had so much fun.  If you didn’t catch the show on Wednesday, you can listen to it here.

Fr. Wade was our first chaplain at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament when we moved to Hanceville, and believe us when we tell you he’s a great preacher and teacher.  We couldn’t write fast enough, trying to take notes on everything he was saying during the show.  Father spoke about the seven capital sins, their corresponding virtues, and most interesting of all, their opposite extremes – this is something that you don’t often hear about.  He had a really helpful handout which he kindly allowed us to share with you.  You can find the handout below in pdf form:

The Seven Capital Sins & their Corresponding Virtues & Extremes

Thank you, Father Wade, for braving the air waves with us. We, and our listeners, had such a great time and learned so much.

A man ahead of his time

What could the Great West Door of Westminster Abbey, the radio call sign SP3RN, and the prisoner number 16670 have in common?

Among the twenty stone statues of Christian Martyrs that stand above the Great West Door of Westminster Abbey in London, is one of a Roman Catholic Franciscan Priest from Poland.  He holds in his hands an open book on whose pages are carved two crowns, representing purity and martyrdom. His statue, with the others, stands as a silent witness to love and faithfulness.

Maximilian Maria Kolbe was a man ahead of his time. He believed that all the various forms of the media of his day could be used to spread the Gospel in a marvelous way, and he proved it’s effectiveness.  Using the most modern techniques, printing presses in his monasteries put out all manner of devotional tracts, catechetical books and magazines, even a newspaper.

Besides all of that, Saint Maximilian built and operated a radio station – the beginnings of Catholic radio!  He is the only canonized saint to have ever held an amateur radio license! His call sign was SP3RN, and he put it to good use. He was the first to use radio to spread the light of faith amidst the ever growing darkness that was beginning to envelop Europe through the rise of Nazism. As Hitler’s ideology gained momentum, he was not afraid to speak out against the terrible evil that it was.

As is the case with all regimes, truth is feared. Maximilian Kolbe, who was a voice in the darkness, could not be tolerated, he had to be silenced.  He was arrested by the Gestapo and eventually transported to Auschwitz. As he entered the gates of that terrible place of darkness and hopelessness, he was assigned a new number, prisoner 16670.

In that hellish death camp, he brought the light of love and truth his enemies had so desperately tried to extinguish, he gave his life for another, dying as a martyr of charity.

If Saint Maximilian were alive today there is no question he would be using television and radio to evangelize.  He would be broadcasting, podcasting, tweeting and texting with the zeal of a Saint Paul!

Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, through the intercession of the Immaculate, pray for those who work in Catholic Media.  Pray for us all!

From Beaconsfield to ‘the end of the earth’

What do they have in common? Tune in Wednesday to find out!

What could an English journalist who died almost 100 years ago have in common with an Argentinian Jesuit drawn from ‘the end of the earth’ to the Chair of Peter?  A lot!

Tune in to A Good Habit this Wednesday, June 26th, to hear Dale Ahlquist, President of the American Chesterton Society, expound on the connection between GK Chesterton and Pope Francis.  It’s sure to be a great show!

We want to hear from you


What’s it like being a nun? Is it boring? How long does it take? What do you do all day? 

These are some of the many questions people often ask us, so today on A Good Habit we want to focus on answering your questions about our life.  If there is something you’ve always wanted to know about being a nun, please send us your questions.

Email your questions to agoodhabit(at)texasnuns(dot)com.

Or even better, call us live during the show at 1-888-880-8563.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Nuns on the radio?


Yes, nuns on the radio!

Yesterday we spent some time at the Guadalupe Radio Network studios prepping for our new weekly live show, A Good Habit. It debuts this coming Wednesday, May 1st, at 1pm. We hope you’ll not only tune in, but call in (check the widget on the sidebar, or go to our show page for email and phone info), as we’ll be devoting part of each show to your questions about our life. We hope our show will be something like this photo, infused with the joy and laughter we try to bring to each person we meet.

This coming Monday we’ll also be dropping in on Richard Reyna’s noon show, Rise and Walk, (click here to listen to the podcast in itunes) to chat a little about A Good Habit.