Shroud of Turin Expert in SA this Saturday

Shroud of TurinThis Saturday you will have the opportunity to meet Dr John P. Jackson, the world’s foremost expert on the Shroud of Turin.  In 1978 Dr. Jackson, a PhD in physics, led the team of NASA scientists which was given unprecedented access to the Shroud in order to perform studies and extract data for a week.  Since that time he has continued to study the Shroud and speak about it all over the world.  This is a rare opportunity to hear Dr. Jackson speak about his up close and personal experience studying the burial cloth of Jesus.


Dr. Jackson will be speaking at the San Antonio Convention Center this Saturday, May 2, from 10:30-12:30.  Seating is limited, so don’t wait to get your tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime event.  Tickets are available online here for $16, which includes the conference with Dr. Jackson on Saturday and admission to the Shroud Expo on Dolorosa St. (This is a great deal, as Saturday tickets to the Expo itself are normally $18)  If you are planning a visit to the Expo before Saturday you can buy tickets there for $5.00.  Tickets will also be available at the door Saturday for $7.00, but seating is limited, so get your tickets now.

This is a perfect time to learn more about this amazing relic, which scientists are still unlocking even today.  In Turin, Italy the Holy Shroud is on exposition through June 24, an unusualsindone2015sm event since it is normally only exposed every 25 years.  This year the extraordinary exposition is being held to coincide with the bicentenary celebrations of the birth of St. John Bosco, who lived in Turin.  Pope Francis himself will be traveling to Turin in June to venerate the Shroud. We can’t get to Italy to venerate the Shroud, but you can bet we will be at Dr. Jackson’s talk this Saturday.  And after you attend his talk, make a visit to 416 Dolorosa St. and experience more of the history and science behind the Shroud at the Shroud Expo.  It’s an amazing experience which lays out the story of this mysterious cloth, including many ancient artifacts from the time of Our Lord.  Originally the Shroud Expo was scheduled to end April 12, but it has been extended until July 12, so don’t miss this great opportunity.

Show Notes – A Good Habit 3/25/15

Shroud_of_Turin_3331Who is the man of the Shroud?  That’s the question our two guests put to you, our listeners.  If you’ve ever had questions about the Shroud of Turin, or perhaps just wanted to learn more, we have good news for you, because San Antonio is blessed to be hosting an incredible exhibit detailing the story behind this ancient and mysterious relic.  This week we spoke with Jose Juan Garrigo, CEO of Immersive Planet and Director of the Shroud Exposition, and Ermal Caushaj, manager of the Exposition. The Shroud Expo is a wonderful museum quality presentation of the history and science behind the Shroud of Turin.  It will be in San Antonio through April 12th, so we strongly encourage you to make time to attend, especially as a preparation for Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum.  And bring your friends – you don’t have to be a believer to enjoy the ancient artifacts, the story of the Shroud’s history, or the amazing discoveries which science has uncovered.  There really is something for everyone at this exhibit.  For more information on the exhibit visit

Revealing the Hidden God

John_William_Waterhouse_-_The_AnnunciationToday we recall a moment so incredible, so unique in the history of the world, so all-changing that we genuflect when we speak the words.

And the Word was made flesh.  And dwelt among us.

The invisible Word of God took on human flesh, though He was still hidden from our eyes, microscopically small in the womb of Our Lady.  The Son of God began His work of redemption, our redemption, without anyone, except a poor Virgin, knowing He was here among us.  This has to be one of the most painted moments in all of history, depicted by artists in every age.  And since Our Lord took His human body from only one parent, Mary of Nazareth, they must have looked very similar.  Someone told us once that the artist William Bouguereau would use the same model’s face when painting Our Lady and Jesus, for this very reason.

Both Our Lady and her Divine Son have been imagined by artists for two thousand years.  But what did they really look like?  Is there any way to know?  Today on A Good Habit we will be talking about an ancient relic, which is not without controversy, which may tell us what Jesus actually looked like: The Shroud of Turin.  We will be joined by Jose Juan Garrigo, director of the Shroud Exposition which has been touring the US and is currently in San Antonio.  Please tune in to learn more about the history of the Shroud of Turin, and how science continues to unlock the mystery behind it.  And make time to visit the Shroud Expo while it’s here in town, it’s a great preparation for Holy Week.

The Pope & the Shroud

Earlier today Turin Cathedral held a special exposition of the Shroud of Turin, which was also broadcast live on Italian Television.  Pope Francis recorded a special video message for this event, the text of which can be found below.

“Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I join all of you gathered before the Holy Shroud, and I thank the Lord who, through modern technology, offers us this possibility.”

“Even if it takes place in this way, our gaze is not a mere ‘observing’, but rather a veneration. It is a prayerful gaze. I would go further: It is a letting ourselves be looked upon. This Face has eyes that are closed. It is the face of one who is dead and yet, mysteriously, He is watching us and in silence He speaks to us. How is this possible? How is it that the faithful, like you, pause before this Icon of a man who has been scourged and crucified? It is because the Man of the Shroud invites us to contemplate Jesus of Nazareth. This image, impressed upon the cloth, speaks to our hearts and moves us to climb the hill of Calvary, to look upon the wood of the Cross, and to immerse ourselves in the eloquent silence of love.” Continue reading