Fiesta and Flowers


For the past 10 days San Antonio has been celebrating Fiesta, a city-wide celebration of our local history and culture. Today is the biggest event of Fiesta, the Battle of Flowers Parade. Hundreds of thousands of people will line the streets of downtown to watch the flower-decked floats and cheer for Fiesta Royalty. It’s such a big deal that even the schools are closed today! Here’s a one minute video on the history of Fiesta.

Now we’ve gotta get back to work – since we’re not in school we don’t get a holiday today.

Via Crucis with Pope Francis


Oops, problem with embedding, will post video shortly.

by Lebanese young peopleunder the guidance of
His Eminent Beatitude Cardinal Béchara Boutros Raï
“A man ran up and knelt before him, and asked him, ‘Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?’” (Mk 10:17).
Jesus answered this burning question, which arises in the innermost core of our being, by walking the way of the Cross.We contemplate you, Lord, along this path which you were the first to tread, and after which “you built a bridge to death with your Cross, so that men might pass from the land of death to the land of Life” (Saint Ephraim the Syrian, Homily).
The call to follow you is addressed to all, especially to the young and to those who are tried by division, wars or injustice and who fight to be signs of hope and builders of peace in the midst of their brethren.We therefore place ourselves before you with love, we present our sufferings to you, we turn our gaze and our heart to your Holy Cross, and strengthened by your promise, we pray: “Blessed be our Redeemer, who has given us life by his death. O Redeemer, realize in us the mystery of your redemption, through your passion, death and resurrection” (Maronite Liturgy).
I Station: Jesus is condemned to death
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This was supposed to be a post about Tenebrae


This was supposed to be a post about Tenebrae. But it just didn’t work out. We would like to say that since moving to San Antonio adding this beautiful devotion to our schedule has really enriched our experience of Holy Week.  If you want to know more about it click here and here.

With that, we give you this video of the Tallis Scholars singing the first lamentation for Maundy Thursday, by Tomas Luis de Victoria. No, it’s not something sung at Tenebrae, but since tonight’s office of Tenebrae anticipates Maundy Thursday, it’s sort of related. And it means we can stop feeling guilty about not posting today.

Pope Francis’ Inaugural Mass


Just in case you were asleep at 3 o’clock this morning, here’s what you missed:

Click here to read the Holy Father’s homily.

Deacon Matthew snapped this photo as Pope Francis was going by before Mass:

How awesome is that!

And last but not least, did anyone else notice a Texas flag waving proudly in the crowd?